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How to Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone Screen?

Picking up your iPhone and seeing vertical lines on it is not a pretty sight. You immediately start thinking about what went wrong with the iPhone and whether you can fix it. If you leave the vertical lines on the iPhone screen unattended, they can expand and disrupt your device’s performance. Many Apple users have … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop?

When you want to do something important on your iPhone, and it keeps rebooting, that’s indeed an annoying situation. Sometimes this boot loop can prolong for hours, leaving you all frustrated and worried as to what is wrong with your iPhone.  But luckily, the iPhone stuck in the boot loop problem is not always grave. Something … Read more

Safari Cannot Connect to Server – How to Troubleshoot This Problem?

Apple users prefer Safari over other browsers because of its simple interface and fast speed. This browser’s loading speed and security wall make it stand out from the shoddy browsers that bombard you with useless ads and data threats.  But, despite being so competent and fast, Safari can also put you through some problems. Safari … Read more

iPhone Froze During the Update? Best Ways to Fix It

“Initially, I had no issue installing the latest version of iPhone updates. But, recently, I have noticed my iPhone update gets stuck whenever I try to install the new update. Can you help me to fix this issue”? You’re not alone in facing this unwanted situation. Nowadays, many iPhone users complain about the” iPhone frozen … Read more

Fixppo Review 2022: Is It Safe? Does It Really Work?

Facing issues with iPhone is pretty common, and almost everyone knows how it feels. The majority of mobile users around the globe opt to purchase iOS devices due to wonderful mobile features and prolific security features. It frustrates any use when he knows about the particular problem he would be currently having with iPhone. Luckily, … Read more

What to Do When My iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update?

“Whenever I try to install the iOS 15 update on my iPhone, my screen gets stuck after showing ” Verifying Update”. I have tried a couple of things to put the things in order, but nothing has worked for me. What should I need to do now”? A lot of people got excited after hearing … Read more

iPhone Ghost Touch: How to Fix It?

You’re confident you didn’t touch anything on your iPhone screen, but apps are launching or the display is rolling on its own for some reason. It may appear strange, but it does occur. Don’t be worried; you are not alone. The so-called ghost touch or ghost touching bug has emerged as one of the strangest … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Automation not Working?

Upgrades to a newer operating system can be difficult. New upgrades have their own set of faults and issues that Apple works on in later editions of feature updates. This is a regular problem with new updates, and it also occurs with Android’s latest update. What is Automation on iPhone? Automation is one of the … Read more

How to Lock a folder and Ensure Data Security with Lockdir on Windows 10?

Lockdir is an excellent folder security solution for password-protecting folders on Windows 10. It offers robust security strength in lock-a-folder to help you to avoid data leakage and data breaches and resist attacks from unknown viruses or espionage. Lockdir is a highly valued application in locking the directory of the sensitive folder on a computer or … Read more