How to Lock a folder and Ensure Data Security with Lockdir on Windows 10?

Lockdir is an excellent folder security solution for password-protecting folders on Windows 10. It offers robust security strength in lock-a-folder to help you to avoid data leakage and data breaches and resist attacks from unknown viruses or espionage. Lockdir is a highly valued application in locking the directory of the sensitive folder on a computer or … Read more

How to Password Protect External Hard Drive?

Almost everyone uses external hard drives. They are portable and allow you to store additional files; however, have you thought about keeping your hard drive protected, though? If you keep your computer and phone locked, you must password protect an external hard drive on Mac and Windows. In addition, it’s a good practice to keep every device, be it an external … Read more

How to Hide a Hard Drive?

There are plenty of reasons why you will want to keep your hard drive hidden from unauthorized access. When the hard drive is hidden, it becomes invisible for others to go through the folders since everything inside the drive is hidden. No one will be able to see what is stored inside the hard drive unless the … Read more

How to Put a Password on a Folder?

While working on a computer, one thing that you should always be careful about is keeping the folders secured and safe from those who may misuse them. This becomes crucial for those computers you share with different people because if you share it with others, the folders become open for snooping. And this is the … Read more

How to Fix the “Your Folder Can’t Be Shared” Error?

These days it is common to work with a Local Area Network (LAN) formed by two or more Windows 10/7 computers. Local networks allow people to successfully share files and folders with other authenticated users. Also, it enables you to share the folders without any security issues. Providing access to computer folders or files over a … Read more

How to Lock Drive in Windows 10?

We are living in an age where everything is stored in a digital device. Imagine your personal computer being stolen; this means that your personal, sensitive, and confidential data will be in danger, and there is a considerable chance for others to access them. Therefore, data has to be secured at all costs because if … Read more

NTFS Permissions vs. Share Permissions: All You Need to Know Explained

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Top 10 Folder Protection Software

Folder protection software is utility software or tools that make it possible to prevent someone else from viewing, modifying, and deleting folders, files as well as directories. A folder protection software has a user-friendly interface, and it uses an encryption technique for security. Folder protection software could be used to encrypt, password folder and files, … Read more

Why is File Security necessary and how can KakaSoft help you?

This is not a user guide on how to secure folders or files but shows you more about data security needs and solutions. You will learn more about file security and data leaking knowledge from this article. Usually, we think of Kaspersky or Macfee when we hear the word “Security“. Here the writer would like … Read more