Boxcryptor Review 2021

The need to encrypt your data is becoming more obvious because it allows you to share files securely, and ensures the prevention of data theft. This technology ensures that your privacy isn’t compromised in any way. The major challenge has been finding the right system or platform that offers a trusted encryption solution. Most of … Read more

Axcrypt Review 2021

When it comes to encrypting of files, many people have one misconception. This is believing the process is complicated and technical. It all depends on the tool you are using for such exercise. For instance, with a software like Axcrypt, you can easily get your files encrypted thereby adding that extra layer of protection to … Read more

VeraCrypt Review 2021: Price, Features and Alternatives

VeraCrypt is a popular disk encryption software available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Although it is an open-source encryption program, VeraCrypt is known for its robust features and allows you to encrypt an OS, a complete partition, and create a virtual encrypted disk. And as you can guess, VeraCrypt enables you to protect all the … Read more