iPhone Ghost Touch: How to Fix It?

You’re confident you didn’t touch anything on your iPhone screen, but apps are launching or the display is rolling on its own for some reason. It may appear strange, but it does occur. Don’t be worried; you are not alone. The so-called ghost touch or ghost touching bug has emerged as one of the strangest … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Automation not Working?

Upgrades to a newer operating system can be difficult. New upgrades have their own set of faults and issues that Apple works on in later editions of feature updates. This is a regular problem with new updates, and it also occurs with Android’s latest update. What is Automation on iPhone? Automation is one of the … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Incorrect WiFi Password Issue?

“Despite entering the correct passcode, I’m unable to connect with my WiFi network. I’ve connected my other device with the same network and password; it worked pretty well on that device. How would I be able to fix this issue in my first iPhone device”? If you’ve installed the latest update of iPhone, facing “incorrect … Read more

How can You Downgrade iOS Without iTunes?

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iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update – Here is How to Fix it

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How to Fix iPhone 11/12/13 Camera not Focusing?

iPhone cameras can compete with high-end cameras because of their clarity and smart features. If you have an iPhone, you don’t have to carry hefty photography equipment around because its camera is capable enough. Apple cameras are always introducing new features, including low-light focusing, added cinematographic effects, and so on. But, despite being so great … Read more

iPhone Flash not Working – How to Fix it?

When you want to locate something in a dark room or want to reach home safely at night, your mobile’s flashlight is a must-have. But what if this flashlight suddenly stops working? It’ll be a frustrating situation because gone are the days when everyone used to have a flashlight in their bag. As much as … Read more

Black/White Apple Widgets Not Working? The Fix Here!

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