Kakasoft HEIC To JPG Converter

A powerful PC application designed to convert HEIC to JPG, JPG to HEIC for viewing.

Note: It only converts HEIC/HEIF photos taken by iOS devices.

What Makes This Software Special?

Easy To Use

At Kakasoft, seamless user experience is our ultimate goal. This reflects in our HEIC to jpg converter. It is simple and effective to use. In other words, you don’t have to rack your brains about how it can be used. This is because with a few clicks, your images will be converted.

High-Quality Images After Conversion

There won’t be any compromise in the quality of your images. It is true that there are many apps that can help you change HEIC to jpg images. However, their outputs aren’t good enough in terms of quality. There is no need to be worried as this software from Kakasoft will ensure you don’t have to go through such a nightmare again.

Flexible Software

Again, Kakasoft image converter is very flexible in terms of usage. For instance, most of the HEIC to jpg converter apps are limited in terms of being able to do other conversions. However, our software is different. It is like an all-in-one solution that has been designed to meet your needs without any compromise. It doesn’t just function as an HEIC to jpg converter. Also, it can do other conversions between image formats like JPG, BMP and PNG.

Ability To Shrink Images

With this software, you have the rare chance of reducing images to your preferred size. It means you are in 100% control of how your images should be like after conversion.

Convert Your Images Offline

With this software, you don’t have to bother about having strong internet connections before being able to convert images. It is a pc-based software that you can download and install right now to start using. Online-based conversion apps depend on the internet to work fine but this one doesn’t!

Features of This Converter

Easily convert HEIC to JPG

Image shrinking/reducing

100% user-friendly interface

Lightweight desktop software for optimum performance on any PC

Super-fast software that can convert HEIC to jpg within seconds

Allows conversions formats such as jpg, BMP and PNG
And many more

Why Trust Kakasoft Converter

Kakasoft has a team of experienced software developers. You can rest assured that the best efforts have been put into this HEIC to jpg converter. It will definitely meet your needs once used. Don’t forget that this company has other premium tools that have been able to earn numerous positive reviews from users all over the world. Therefore, take your chances and download it.