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How to Fix iPhone Incorrect WiFi Password Issue?

“Despite entering the correct passcode, I’m unable to connect with my WiFi network. I’ve connected my other device with the same network and password; it worked pretty well on that device. How would I be able to fix this issue in my first iPhone device”? If you’ve installed the latest update of iPhone, facing “incorrect … Read more

How can You Downgrade iOS Without iTunes?

Not every Apple user likes new iOS updates; some prefer older versions to keep things simple. Some new iOS updates have bugs, while others are not compatible with your device, so it makes sense to downgrade. If you’ve also upgraded the iOS on your device but now want an older version back, it’s easily doable. … Read more

iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update – Here is How to Fix it

Why is my iPhone stuck on preparing an update? This is one of the most asked questions today. Software update on your iPhone includes three essential steps: downloading the update file, preparing the file for installation, and the actual iOS update installation. There are complaints from the users about their iPhone being stuck on preparing … Read more

Wipe Free Space Benefits – All You Need to Know

Undoubtedly, storage hard drives have become our mainstream data storage devices. In daily use, you may store a lot of private data on the hard drive, but do you often wipe free space? In daily use, the hard disk will leave traces of your use and some private data. For security reasons, you may delete … Read more

Gutmann Method vs DoD: You Really Need to Overwrite Your Drive 35 Times?

Data Sanitization is the purposeful practice of permanently and irreversibly erasing data on a storage medium, typically for regulatory or cybersecurity reasons. After data sanitization, a storage device will have no useful data left, and no data can be recovered, even with modern forensic and data recovery techniques. Data sanitization has always been an essential … Read more

BitRaser File Eraser Review 2021: Is It Useful?

In the modern world of information technology, there is an abundance of data that belongs to every user. Each day, we create and consume more and more data. With more data comes more responsibility and risks. Some of the common risks include data theft, intellectual property theft, or fraud. We all know how that ends! … Read more

How to Wipe a Flash Drive Clean in Windows 7/8/10?

Most commonly known as USBs, the USB flash drives are the most preferred by people considering their flexibility and portability. People often tend to pass them on to another for manual file sharing, plug them in a shared computer/laptop during presentations, or even send them as gifts. But the main issue arises when the USB … Read more

How to Fix iPhone 11/12/13 Camera Not Focusing?

iPhone cameras can compete with high-end cameras because of their clarity and smart features. If you have an iPhone, you don’t have to carry hefty photography equipment around because its camera is capable enough. Apple cameras are always introducing new features, including low-light focusing, added cinematographic effects, and so on. But, despite being so great … Read more

iPhone Flash Not Working – How to Fix it?

When you want to locate something in a dark room or want to reach home safely at night, your mobile’s flashlight is a must-have. But what if this flashlight suddenly stops working? It’ll be a frustrating situation because gone are the days when everyone used to have a flashlight in their bag. As much as … Read more

How to Securely Wipe a Hard Drive?

There are many reasons why you might want to securely erase a hard drive. You might have an old computer to deal with, and you don’t know how to securely wipe a hard drive. You might want to sell your old hard drive or give it to your friends. In short, you don’t want your … Read more