How to Lock a folder and Ensure Data Security with Lockdir on Windows 10?

Lockdir is an excellent folder security solution for password-protecting folders on Windows 10. It offers robust security strength in lock-a-folder to help you to avoid data leakage and data breaches and resist attacks from unknown viruses or espionage.

Lockdir is a highly valued application in locking the directory of the sensitive folder on a computer or other external storage devices. It provides you with easy use and reliable protection at the same time.

Get Lockdir here and learn to lock directory and password-protect folders with confidential information now!

Step 1: Run Lockdir to lock a folder

Run the Lockdir.exe, and then use the folder browser to select the target folder. You can also copy “Lockdir.exe” to the target folder and run it.

how to lockdir

Step 2: Enter a password

Open the folder you need to protect, and then input your password and confirm it.

Click on “Protect”, and the folder should be password-protected in seconds.

how to lockdir

How to unprotect your folders with Lockdir protection?

If you want to unprotect a folder, you need to open the folder first and double-click “Lockdir” to enter your password in the window below.

Then select a proper unprotection mode. Next, click on “Unprotect” to open the folder.

Virtual Drive: Encrypted data will be accessed in the virtual drive, and files will not be released to the local hard drive.
Once you close the window, the folder is automatically restored to a protected state.
Temporary: All files in the folder will be unprotected, and you can restore the protection at any time.
Complete: Unprotect folder completely. If you want to restore protection, you have to rerun Lockdir and enter a new password to protect the folder.


Kind Tips:

  • Lockdir enables you to set a password hint to retrieve a password if you forget it. In addition, if you want to increase the folder security, you could set a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess for others.
  • In the settings window, you can make personalized settings according to your actual need. You can choose a proper security strength from Normal, High, and Highest level, or display Lockdir on the right-click menu and other settings.

With this highly easy-to-use program, you will never need to worry about data breaches and data leakage from online and offline threats, and you can resist all attacks with full confidence now.