Boxcryptor Review 2021

Boxcryptor Review

The need to encrypt your data is becoming more obvious because it allows you to share files securely, and ensures the prevention of data theft. This technology ensures that your privacy isn’t compromised in any way. The major challenge has been finding the right system or platform that offers a trusted encryption solution. Most of the companies offering cloud storage over the years have fallen short. Despite promising users lots of features, they have under-delivered in certain areas. For instance, they allow cloud storage of data but lack encryption features. There has been a lot of buzz about Boxcryptor including whether it can deliver as expected. You will definitely be wondering what makes it special amongst others when it comes to file encryption. There is no need to worry since this Boxcryptor review will be revealing everything you need to know. After checking out the details from beginning to end, you will be in a much better position to decide whether Boxcryptor is worth your time. This is a complete review of what I have experienced firsthand after using this encryption solution.

What Is Boxcryptor And Do I Need It?

In case you have been asking a question like “What is Boxcryptor and do I need it?”, ensure to read the details below.

This cloud storage solution has been created to enable users to encrypt folders and files locally. There are numerous cloud storage providers on the internet today. These could be One Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox. Despite these solutions being able to provide cloud storage for your files, end-to-end encryption isn’t utilized. One of the best parts about Boxcryptor is that it provides extra security for your files unlike the platforms mentioned above. For instance, your files can be encrypted locally. This is a priceless feature given the rate at which files and data are being compromised in recent times.

Talking about why you would need a program like Boxcryptor, there are numerous reasons. These will be highlighted and briefly explained below:

1 – High Level Of Security

With Boxcryptor, you won’t have to bother anymore about unauthorized individuals getting access to your files. This is because of its sophisticated and advanced security system in place. Encrypted files can only be accessed by their owners.   

2 – It Is Highly Flexible

This is another reason why you need Boxcryptor software. The problem most people have experienced in the past is that encrypting of files isn’t the main challenge. Instead, they can’t access such files or data on devices of their choice. This is the reason why Boxcryptor is one of the best applications for maximum security. Users can access their files at any given location of their choice.

Also, I discovered that Boxcryptor has been created for everyone. In other words, it can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations that are looking for how to encrypt their data. Whenever you are asking a question such as “What is Boxcryptor and do I need it? always remember that most of the encryption applications lack a high level of flexibility and compatibility. However, Boxcryptor stays head and shoulders above the rest.

3 – It Is Easy To Use

Just as mentioned above, you don’t need any special knowledge to use this software. This is because of how it has been built to be used by “all and sundry”. If you have been using cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox, exploring the features of Boxcryptor shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you haven’t used these before, there is a complete tutorial that will be made available after the application has been installed on your desktop.

How Boxcryptor Works

Having known what Boxcryptor is from the above explanation, you must be wondering how it has been built to function. There is no need to be worried since this Boxcryptor review will cover all of such.

When it comes to storing files in a more secured manner, encryption is one subject that sounds very complicated. However, this isn’t the case with Boxcryptor as everything has been simplified. For instance, you only need to have a folder linked to the application (Boxcryptor) for encryption and decryption. It is also possible for any cloud storage solution/service to be linked. From this explanation, you will notice that Boxcryptor takes one step further as compared to normal cloud storage systems. This is making it possible for users to encrypt or decrypt their files.

The best part is that any kind of file can be encrypted using Boxcryptor software. These could be videos, pictures, documents, and many more. The implication of this is that such files or data will have an extra layer of protection. In these modern times, storing files in the cloud isn’t good enough. This is because your data can still be compromised by hackers. The best thing to do is to have such files encrypted before storing them. With Boxcryptor, all of these become a complete walk in the park.

Boxcryptor works by creating a folder that is encrypted. This can be placed in your cloud storage folder. After creating and assigning a password for such folder, begin to drag and drop files that you would like to protect into it (the folder). After that, your folder is protected by Boxcryptor’s aes-256 standard. It is very possible to view such files whenever you want. To unlock an encrypted folder and view your files, you will need to run Boxcryptor software. Just navigate to any folder you have encrypted and input the password.

Is Boxcryptor Safe?

There have been lots of questions about Boxcryptor from potential users. These are questions like Is Boxcryptor Safe? Can Boxcryptor be hacked? And what kind of safety features does Boxcryptor have? With questions such as these, it is very obvious that most people don’t understand the level of safety that this software can provide. Find out more in this Boxcryptor review.

The answer to this question is “yes” Boxcryptor is 100% safe and secured. You can rest assured that using this encryption software will provide maximum protection for your files. It makes use of two advanced encryption protocols (RSA and AES). Another way of providing additional security for your files is providing two-factor authentication features. Before synchronizing data to any cloud storage solution, this software can help to get such encrypted. Its state-of-the-art technology will ensure no stone is left unturned in a bid to protect your files without any compromise.

One aspect that we will not fail to mention in this Boxcryptor review in relation to safety is the “zero-knowledge” implementation which this company practices. This simply means that even their staff don’t have the power to access your encrypted data. In other words, whatever you have stored remains yours. Such can only be accessed by you alone. In a situation whereby you want another person to access such files or folders, all that needs to be done is share the password or login details.

Furthermore, Boxcryptor allows users to encrypt their file names. In case you don’t know, the names of files can contain some valuable information that unauthorized individuals and hackers can take advantage of. With this “filename encryption” feature, you won’t experience such a problem again.

Features of Boxcryptor

One of the reasons why Boxcryptor has managed to stand out amongst other encryption tools is its highly impressive features. These are:

  • Reliable encryption of your files using uncompromising security standards like RSA-4096 (asymmetric encryption) & AES-256 (symmetric encryption).
  • Files can be automatically encrypted and decrypted on your device. For instance, you only need to use its drag n drop features to make this happen.
  • There is the availability of 2-factor authentication to provide additional protection for your files.
  • There is additional app protection to ensure that your Boxcryptor application is secured.  
  • You can have access to your files at anytime.
  • Your files can be accessed on any device. It could be desktop, smartphone, cloud and others. It all depends on you.

Is Boxcryptor Free? 

There are two categories of users you will find on its official page. One is “For Individuals” while the other is “For Teams”. Under the “For Individuals” section, you can choose the free option which enables you to test out the features of this powerful tool firsthand. Once you are satisfied with its features and functionalities, you can then upgrade to either “Personal” or “Business”. These cost $48 and $96 respectively. While the “Business” option is more robust, the “Personal” option can still meet your needs.

The “For Team” is meant to serve companies that want maximum security for their data. Except you have an organization, this won’t be necessary for now.

Boxcryptor Alternative

Through this Boxcryptor review, it’s no doubt that Boxcryptor is an effective tool. It is been able to meet the expectations of individuals and companies over the years. However, there is a much better encryption tool like Kakasoft Folder Protector. It password protects folders easily. This tool takes encryption to another level that you wouldn’t have imagined while using Boxcryptor. Some of its robust features are:

  • It is highly compatible with various storage devices like hard drives, USB flash drives, portable drives and many more
  • Your files are 100% secured with its 256-bit AES Encryption technology
  • It is very easy to use as no special skill is required
  • It offers 3 ways of securing data – Scramble, Encrypt and Lock.
  • And more

Final Verdict

Overall, I think that Boxcryptor is the best encryption software I have used amongst others. It is one of those few software that have managed to live up to its reputation with some amazing features and functionalities. With this tool, there won’t be any need to worry about securing your data. Its next-generation encryption and decryption features make such possible. This Boxcryptor Review has shown that there is nothing complicated about how this software works. It is simple and very effective.