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How to password protect a Folder?

Download USB Security


Download and Install Folder Protector

Download the program here: Folder Protector. After finish downloading, copy the lockdir.exe file to a folder that you want to protect.


1. Password Protect a Folder

2. Unprotect a Folder

3. Advanced Settings

4. Login Password

5. Command-line Execution

1. Password Protect a Folder

  • Step I. Password protects a folder by 4 methods.
    1. Copy Folder Protector (lockdir.exe) to a folder you want to password protect and then run it.
    2. Open the program and choose "Protect Another", then you can select another folder.
    3. Drag and drop a folder you want to protect in the window and the folder will be protected.
    4. After setting the context menu in Settings windows, Right-click the folder and click "Folder Protector".


  • Step II. Settings for retrieving password if you forget it.
  • 1. Simply click the ">" Button on the right side of the main window.
    1. Password Hint: Type the password hint you want to use. Remember that anyone unprotecting this folder will be able to see the password hint.
    2. Email for password recovery: If you forgot your password, you could retrieve it via this email.
    3. Set as default email: The program will remember the email for you.



2. Unprotect a Folder

  • Virtual Disk: Unprotect all files to a virtual disk. Faster than other methods. The folder will be reprotected as soon as you close the explorer window.
  • Temporary: Show a restore window on your taskbar after unprotection. The folder protection can be restored easily.
  • Complete: Completely unprotect your folder. You need to reenter your password to protect the folder next time.
  • Unprotect

    Temporaray Unprotect


3. Advanced Settings

  • There are 3 security levels:
    Security Level: Normal
    Encryption Speed: Fastest
    Encryption Method: Hide and Lock Files

    Security Level: High
    Encryption Speed: Fast (50 Files per second)
    Encryption Method: Scramble and encrypt file headers

    Security Level: Highest
    Encryption Speed: Slow (15M data per second)
    Encryption Method: 256-bit Blowfish Encryption
  • Show a Protected Sign (A special folder Icon)
  • Change the icon of the protected folder
  • Displays on the Right-Click menu: Right-click a folder and click "Folder Protector" to protect.
  • File Filter: Files with names containing characters in edit box will not be protected. Example:If you do not want to protect the mp3 files, simply add "mp3" in the edit box

  • You can find out all your protected folders here.


4. Login Password

  • To protect the software from being misused by others to protect your critical data, you can set a password to restrict the usage of this application.

    To set password, go to SETTINGS-> Options-> Login Password. Login password window would be displayed.

    Set Access Password

    (Set Access Password)

    Set the password and click the "OK" button. The software will now be password protected.


5.Command-line execution

1. Password Protect a folder

  • Usage: lockdir.exe p [-n -h -x] [path] [password]

    -n: Protect with Normal Security Level
    -h: Protect with High Security Level
    -x: Protect with Highest Security Level

    Protect a folder ( f:\t2\1) on Normal Security Level with password "123456".

    E:\lockdir.exe p -n f:\test 123456

2. Unprotect a folder

  • Usage: lockdir.exe u [-i -t -c] [path] [password]

    -i: Unprotect with Virtual Disk Mode
    -t: Unprotect with Temporary Mode
    -c: Completely unportect this folder.

    Completely unprotect a folder with password "123456".

    E:\lockdir.exe u -c f:\test 123456