FAQ of SafeDRM DRM Protection


Q1. What is SafeDRM DRM Protection?
SafeDRM is designed to protect audio,video and PDF files intended for playback on PC and mobile phone against copying, illegal distribution and unauthorized use.


Q2. Which Operating Systems are supported by SafeDRM DRM Protection?
SafeDRM Copy Protection application runs on Windows, Android and iOS. Mac OS version will be released soon.

Q3. Can I run a video, secured by SafeDRM DRM Protection, on a DVD player connected to a TV?
Video Copy Protectionr is a software solution which requires Windows, Android, iOS. CD/DVD player is not supported.


Q4. Do I need any special software to run copy protected video?
Yes. You should download SafeDRM Player to play the encrypted files. See more.


Q5. What will I get after purchasing the software?
We will send you the official version of the software, as well as a new dashboard account.


Q6. Can I buy the program without first trying the evaluation version?
You could, but please don't. We don't need your money as much as we need your satisfaction. It is strongly recommended that you try the software first before purchasing. If you are happy with it, then pay us and register.ip n


Q7. How can I suggest a new feature for the future releases?
We give high priority to our customers' suggestions for future versions of our software. If you have a feature request, be sure your copy is registered and let us know via Email: [email protected]


Q8. How many files can I encrypt?
There is no quantity limit.

Q9. If I buy the basic version now, can I upgrade to a higher version later?
Yes, you can upgrade to a higher version at any time. If you need to upgrade, please contact us.