How to DRM protect video/PDF with SafeDRM?

Step 1: Log in SafeDRM Encryption.

Download SafeDRM Encryption and install it on your computer.

Launch SafeDRM Encryption, and log in with your vendor account. For trial users, you can use our demo account:

Username: demo

Password: 123456

safedrm encryption login screen

Step 2: Encrypt files.

After logging into the software, click Add Files and select a PDF/video file that you intend to encrypt.

safedrm main screen

Then you will be asked to select a course folder to save the encrypted file, and set up the encryption mode. After all is done, click Encrypt Now to continue. The software will start encrypting your file.

choose course folder for files
encryption mode setting
encryption completed

After encryption is completed, click the folder icon on the right side to check your encrypted file. The encrypted video will be in the .vep format, and the encrypted PDF will be in the .pdfx format. Both formats are only compatible with SafeDRM Player.

Step 3: Vendor dashboard permission settings.

1. Add users for your encrypted file.

Click on the Admin Panel on the top right corner of the software and log into the online vendor dashboard with your vendor account.

admin panel button
vendor dashboard login screen
vendor dashboard home screen

Click on User >> Add, to add user accounts for your encrypted files. In the adding user window, you can set the username, password, email, expiration date, the course folder the account has access to, etc.

add user for encrypted file
course selecting for user

2. Permission settings for your course folder.

Click on the Course tab on the right, locate the course folder you have chosen when encrypting the file, and click on the Edit button.

On the Edit window, you can edit permission settings like printing, screen capture, screen recording, and watermark.

course permission setting

To do more advanced settings, click on the Settings tab. Here, you can edit user registration settings, playback settings, and edit the watermark style settings as you like.

more encryption setting

Now you can send the encrypted PDF or video (.pdfx or .vep formatted) to people you have granted access to.

To access the encrypted files, they have to download and install SafeDRM Player in their own computer and log into the player with the user accounts you have created for them.

>Download SafeDRM Player for different devices:

More detailed instruction on how to view the encrypted videos and PDFs with SafeDRM Player.


Download SafeDRM Player


Download SafeDRM Player


In Google Play, search “SafeDRM” and install


In Apple Store, search “SafeDRM” and install.