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How to protect a folder in Windows XP?

Question: is there a way of protecting a folder in Windows XP?

Answer: yes. There are more than one method to help you protect a folder.


Uses of protecting a folder:

1. Protect a folder for users sharing a computer with other people
2. Protect a folder on portable disk such as USB flash drive, removable hard drive etc.
3. Protect a folder in Lan or network
4. Personal usage
5. Enterprise usage


Methods of protecting a folder in Windows XP

Method 1: protect a folder manually by yourself.

Difficulty: 4 stars Cost: none

Method 2: protect a folder with folder protection software.

Difficulty: 1 star Cost: 30 ~ 40 USD


How to protect a folder in Windows XP manually?

The following are steps and notes showing you how to password protect folder and lock folder manually in Windows XP professional:

1. Format your hard drive to NTFS file system. Remember that this method doesn't apply to FAT32. If you don't want to change your file system, you may try Method 2.
2. Right-Click the folder you want to protect.
3. Click "Properties"(or hot-key Alt+Double-Clicks).
4. Click "Sharing" tab and check "Make this folder Private" box.
5. Click "Apply" button and then "OK".
6. Click "Yes" when a pop-up window asking you to assign a password.
7. Type a password twice to confirm it.
8. Click "Create Password" button.


Note: remember your password. To avoid missing it, we strongly recommend you write it down and put it to a secure place.


How to protect a folder in Windows XP with folder protection software

Method 1 show you how to protect a folder with password manually by yourself. This method is not always secure. The secure level is low. So, we recommend another method to you. That is using a third-party folder protection program. There are freeware or shareware. But most of reliable programs are shareware. You need pay 30 to 40 USD for a Folder Lock Software. This will make you feel much securer than the method 1.


The following are steps of using a program to protect a folder for you.

1. Find a folder protection program by Google. You may search "protect a folder". Here we recommend "Folder Protector (or lockdir)" produced by KakaSoft since it has experience in the field for more than 6 years and gained a plenty of awards and have more than 1,000,000 users all over the world. You can visit its official site to learn more. It is portable and no need to install.
2. Download and install the file protection program to try. Usually a folder protection program offers free download for users. You may try its features first.
3. Run it and follow its instructions to protect a folder you want.
4. Take care of your password. If you forget the password, you also can use the program to retrieve it. All are in the user guides. You may refer to user guides of Folder Protector.


Note: higher level of protection will bring you higher secure but it will also spend more time to protect a folder. Easy to use and higher secure level, a third party folder protection program is a better choice for either personal or enterprise users.

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