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Why is File Security necessary and how can Kakasoft help you?

This is not a user guide of how to secure folder or file but show you more about data security needs and solutions. You will learn more about file security and data leaking knowledge from this article.


Usually we think of Kaspersky or Macfee when we hear the word "Security". Here the writer would like to discuss more about file security solutions of your local and portable files. But I still would like to talk a little about internet data security first.


What is the truth of file security?

Internet data security threaten

Along with the rapid development of network speed, we run from general internet times to 3G. And now even 4G and faster times are coming. Never mind you are a IT specialist or general computer user, you have to face the truth that there are more and more malware, spyware, worms, Trojans in your daily life. This means, your personal data including files and accounts or your company's important information might leak out without your permission. It seems terrible, and yes, it is real. Do not wait for someone to help you or expect that the hackers will stop their habits. The only way is to protect your data by yourself every moment everywhere.


File Security of local computers and portable devices

As we process our works, save our personal documents, photos, media files and account info on computer, Pad or mobile phones either with or without network, it is more important for us to protect our data from the local devices. You might leak out data by the following situations:

1. You work on Lan and share your folders with others.
2. You and other people use the same computer.
3. It is a public place, you use Wifi network and so do others.
4. You save files on USB, flash drive, pen drive or removable hard drives.
5. You are parents and have your own secrets.
6. And more.


In these cases, you probably will leak out or lose your important files because you don't protect them by any file security solution. But if you password protect your folder or files, the risk will be reduced greatly. It is what we are discussing below: how to protect data and what are recommended file security solutions.


How to protect your data?

Low level file security solutions

There are two ways to protect your data and files. The first way is avoid public uses and do not share files with others. You may password protect your network to avoid others stealing them through unencypted network. You should set password on your computer so that others are unable to use it. But they are not the most reliable way.


High level file security solutions

The second and more reliable way to secure your data is password protect your folder, files or portable devices directly. But your pc, pads, phones, usb etc. will not do this for you. How? Use file security solutions software company provides. Usually the following file security solutions such software offers:

1. Folder Lock and Encryption
2. Password Protection
3. File Shredding and backup
4. Data Recovery


Recommended File Security Solutions

Here we are talking about the first three ones. To lock a folder or password protect a folder is not easy. It requires high-level and exact encryption algorithm. So there are only a few file security products are good and reliable enough for you to choose. KakaSoft is one of the top file security solution provider you can trust. It has served millions of users all over the world since 2004 (2 years earlier than the foundation of KakaSoft Software). It is not a user guide, so if you are interested in learning more about KakaSoft, just visit it home page: https://www.kakasoft.com. If you want to learn its file security products such as Folder Lock, you may go directly to its product page: Password Protect Folder, Lock Folder, Private Disk, Password Shared Folder, Free File Shredder. Free downloads are available for all of them. If you want to download its file security program and have a try at once, I recommend you download its all-in-one file security product Advanced Folder Encryption, which will lock folder, password protect folder, hide folder and shred folder simultaneously.

Download Advanced Folder Encryption


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