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5 Methods to Secure Data in Windows

Data leaking is common nowadays. Its danger is obvious. If you have sensitive personal or business data, you’d better use some methods to protect them. The general methods users might choose to secure data are the following 5 ones:


Method 1. Use USB drive to Secure Data

Save your sensitive data to a USB or external drive and take them between home and office. It is the most common, easiest but most unsafe method. Your portable devices might be infected by viruses or mareware. They might also be misplaced or stolen.


Method 2. Password Protect a User Account to Secure Data

Create a user account on your office or home PC and set a password for it. Save all your sensitive data in this user account and others have no way to access it without your password. This can partly prevent other users but hardly work on hackers.


Method 3. Hide Folder o Secure Data

Save data in a folder and hide the folder by system built-in feature or using a third-party program. Hiding folder will block general users but not hackers. It is not safe enough for very important data especially your credit card or bank account and business information.


Method 4. Secure Data in a Private Disk

Create a virtual disk as private disk on your computer or portable device. Save your sensitive data in the virtual disk. People are unable to see, find or access your private disk without permission. Usually you can use a tool such as Kaka Private Disk (you may get a free download from https://www.kakasoft.com/private-disk/ ) to create a virtual disk. This method is very reliable if you get the right tool.


Method 5. Lock Folder to Secure Data

Save your data in a folder on hard drive or portable device, lock the folder or drive with folder lock software. It is an easy and most safe solution we can find so far. But it also depends largely on the software you use. Advanced Folder Encryption is recommend here because of its advanced encryption technique and powerful features. You may visit https://www.kakasoft.com/folder-encryption/ to learn how it works or get a free download.


You also might have noticed that, no matter what way you use to secure data, saving it in a private place is the most basic requirement. And keep in mind that data security is very important in your daily life.

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