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Windows Vista XP Password Protected File Sharing

We have introduced a solution of password protected file sharing in Windows 7 in a previous article. Now, we are glad to share you ways of password protecting shared fold and files in Windows Vista and XP.


Windows Vista Password Protected File Sharing

Windows Vista allows you to turn on its internal password protected sharing feature. But the detailed steps are not easy for general users. Here we would like to show you simple tips.


Create User Accounts for Password Protected Sharing

Click Start menu, select 'Control Panel', choose 'User Accounts and Family Safety'. In 'Add or Remove User Accounts' selection choose 'Create New Account'. You can create several user accounts by this way. Note that you can create Standard User and Administrator. The differences between them are access permission. The latter has complete access while the former is limited.


Set Passwords for the created accounts

Click on the user name and choose 'Create password' option. Enter in the desired password and 'Accept Changes'. Remember that how many pcs you want to share files on, how many user accounts you need create.


Share Folder and Files with others

Open 'Windows Explorer', click on the file or folder and select 'Properties'. Select 'Sharing' and then 'Share' on the 'Sharing Tab'. If you are using password protected file sharing you need to assign user permission level to reader, co-owner or contributor. (Choose single users by name, or select 'Everyone in this list' to add a user or all users to the list for a share. After that you can change their permission level.)


These seems very complicated, right? To save your time and make everything easier, you may refer to 'Windows 7 Password Protected File Sharing' to learn an easier solution which is available for Windows 7, Vista and XP.


Windows XP Password Protected File Sharing

For XP users, the settings are easier than Windows Vista. You can simply create user accounts, set password for each, share folder by click "Properties" and share the file. Then assign different user names and passwords for different users. But in Windows XP, you have no way to set permissions. You can only password protect shared folder or file. To assign different access permission, you also need use a password shared folder tool.


Conclusion, for Windows 7, Vista and XP users, there isn’t a simple built-in feature which can help you to password protect shared folder or file as well as set multi-user permissions. To do both easily, you need user a third-party tool to password protect file sharing in your Windows systems. KakaSoft Password Shared Folder is dedicated to these powerful features.


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