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How to Copy Protect Files Shared on Lan Server?

Question A: how can I grant access to certain users and copy protect files to anyone else?

I inherited a network in which all desktops are XP Media Center and are not on a domain. I have one user who needs share some very sensitive information with two other users. Currently, the PC is setup just to share the folder thus making it visible (and available) to anyone on the network. How can I grant copy protected access to the two users and make the shared folder unavailable to anyone else?


Question B: is it possible to copy protect all media files shared on Network?

I have a file server on network (FTP not Lan). I have about 10GB files to share. I want to share certain files to certain people. Someone told me that I can use a third party tool to password protect shared folder and files. But the trouble is none of the known tools support all media formats. Is there a complete solution that will help me? The media files are: PDF, FLash, Video, DVD, Image, Photo, MS Office Documents etc.



The answer is "Sure" to both of the two questions. Hereby will show you two effective ways to copy protect data and files shared on Lan Server. The following are step by step solutions. But the first way is not as liable as the second one. And we have not yet tested if the first way is available for all media files. But the second solution can copy protect all media files shared on Lan or network. Readers may try both and adopt a proper solution for their final usage.


Way I: Copy Protect Files Shared on Lan with a Password

  • 1. Activate the Guest account and put a password on it.
  • 2. When create the shared folder, put a "$" following the share name. Though it shows up in "my network places", when access is attempted from any pc, an arror message states that the resouce is not available (this is good)
  • 3. When you try to access the shared folder by doing Start>>Run>>\\pcname\share, you are denied access. However, if you do Start>>run>>\\IP Address\share, you are prompted for a password (this too is good). But after a successful username/password, it will tell you the drive cannot be found.

    Way II: Copy Protect Files Shared on Lan with a Copy Protection Tool

    Above is a manual but not reliable way of copy protecting data and files in a shared folder. There, especially for enterprise users, if a company or team has different work groups and want to specify access permissions for each group, it is impossible to achieve by the above way. The recommended and maybe the only way is using a third-party shared folder copy protection tool which allows you to set different password and give different access permission for every group. Read the following tips and you may learn more about how to copy protect files, data, document, photos, video, pictures, images on Lan server or USB drives.


    Tips of Copy Protect Files Shared on Lan:

  • 1. Download KakaSoft Shared Folder Protector, a famous copy protection tool for shared folder password protection and simply follow the instructions to install it on your computer or file server.
  • 2. Refer to How-to-Password-Protect-Network-Folder and follow the step by step instructions to copy protect files shared on Lan.
  • 3. The program can not only copy protect files and data shared on Lan but also enables you to specify access permissions for multi users or work groups. Therefore it is a network folder password protection tool as well as allows you to arrange access authority for different uses.
  • 4. You need not install the program on any end PC. Just install it on your file server, set passwords and specify permissions for users or groups, tell them their passwords and they will have the permissions to read, copy, modify, print etc. the shared folder files
  • 5. Shared Folder Protector allows you to copy protect files including: PDF, Video, Document, Photo, Image, Picture, Flash, CD, DVD, USB, Excel, Word, PPT etc.

    Kindly Reminding: both solutions are for Windows OS including Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003, 2000 and more. For Mac, Android, iOS etc. based system, we will try to find and share in future tutorials.

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