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How to Password Protect Folder/Folders on Windows 7/8/10?

If you use Win 7 OS, you may know how to lock and password protect folders in Windows 7/8/10? You can block important folders to prevent other accounts accessing them if you are an administrator and have multiple accounts set up in Windows 7. When the blocked folder will be accessed, it will ask for administrator password. But if you store very confidential and important information in your computer, you'd better use third party software to encrypt folder on Win 7, for files and folders locked with data locking software are more secure as compared to the ones locked without using any special software.

How to password protect a folder in Windows 10/8/7 with Folder Protector? Follow the steps as below.

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Step 1. Run the program

  • Download the program, and install it in the computer. Click the icon shown in the picture to add a folder you want to encrypt.

    open folder protector
  • Step 2: Enter password and Protect folder

  • Enter password to in the blank, and retype it. Click on "Protect" to finish your protection with this directory lock.

    Note: click the right arrow to extend the box, and remember to enter the recovery email to get back your password when you forget it.

    protect folder

    email setting


How to unprotect your folders with Lockdir protection?

  • If you want to unprotect folders under protection of directory lock, you need to open the folder and double click on "Lockdir", enter your password in the following window.

  • Then select a proper unprotection mode. Next click on "Unprotect" to open the folder.

  • Virtual Drive: data will be accessed in virtual drive and will not be extracted out, so that data protection n will recover as soon as you close the window.

  • Temporary: a restore window in your taskbar, so you can restore protection when you need.

  • Complete: unprotect folder completely. If you want to restore protection, run Lockdir and enter new password to protect folder.

  • Unprotect

Kindly Tips:

Currently highly confidential data, both personal and official are often stored digitally or in computer storage devices. Data and information no matter personal, official or professional bear utter importance to the concerned individual or business. When lost, at times it means never recover and great loss in both economy and privacy. Today one cannot afford to make mistakes with their private or confidential data. Hence, folder encryption is today's call. In spite of anti-virus protection and on-line security programs, protection for the confidential stored information is often taken for granted.

To protect the data and information itself, you should consider to apply Folder Protector to password protect the folder on Windows 7/8/10 to cut off the way of invasion of other people. You can choose one of professional and effective software to lock file in your computer, so only you, the administrator, have access to the protected files.