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How to Encrypt Folders/Files with a Password on Windows?

If you are a person who always keeps up with the trend in digital product world, you will find that almost all of these products will bring increasing concern of data leakage, as well as a perfect chance to store more files in smaller drive disk.

In order to solve this problem, you can use KakaSoft Advanced Folder Encryption to encrypt folders and files. The cryptography is the most useful and reliable method when encrypting a folder in PC with Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP.

How to encrypt a folder with this program? Click on the following button to download the program and follow the detailed steps to encrypt folders/files with Advanced Folder Encryption.

Free Download(3.0M)

Step 1: Install the application and launch it

  1. Double click the Setup program and follow the wizard to install the application to your computer.

    Step 2: Add folders to the encryption list

    Directly drag the folder to the blank area of the main window or add the folders/files by clicking on “Encrypt File” or “Encrypt Folder”.

    1. add folders
    2. Step 3: Set Password to Encrypt Folders/Files

      1. In the pop-up window of “Encryption”, enter your password and then confirm it.

      lock folders

  2. To prevent your folder from being peeped and breached, you have three security levels to choose from.
  • Normal: can encrypt folders in large volume with the fastest speed. Suitable for new users and people without much extreme requirement in folder encryption.
  • High: good for encrypting folder in medium size and medium speed. Designed for users with strict security requirements.
  • Highest: excellent for encrypting folders in small size with top confidential information. Slow but with the best security strength.
  • encrypt folders
  • Choose a display mode for the encrypted folders.

Local: the folder will display on the original directory with an encrypted mark on it, and can be viewed by any PC user.

Hidden: encrypted folders are only be viewed and accessed in the main window of the program and other people cannot see it any more in the original directory.

  1. Finish encryption.

Click on the “Encrypt” button to complete folder encryption.

Kindly Tips:

  • Improper handling of unwanted files in your PC may also cause data leaking, so that just empty your recycle bin is not secure enough. Here KakaSoft Advanced Folder Encryption can save you out of this problem, with a powerful file shredding feature it can delete and shred files permanently.
  • Restore Center will help you retrieve your data whenever you want, so don’t worry about losing your sensitive data, they are kept in reliable hand!
Come to learn how to encrypt confidential files and folders in your PC. Data and folder encryption in Windows 7/Windows 8/XP needs constant effort and resolution, do not neglect any tiny possibility of unsafe details.