FAQ of KakaSoft USB Copy Protection

Q1. What is USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection(UCP) is a program that protects your files in a USB drive from unauthorized copying and distribution. With the protection of this program, your files in a USB flash drive or other removable disks can be locked up and prevented from data leaking. Users can download a trial version on our website.


Q2. Which file types can be protected with USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection supports the protection of the most commonly used file types such as Software, PDF, MS Office, SWF, PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA and many other file formats.


Q3. What should I do if I accidentally delete the Client.exe file from the protected folder?

The Client.exe file is important for the user to log in. If this file is deleted, you need to copy a new "Client.exe" from another protected folder to this one.


Q4. How many files can I protect on each flash drive?

USB Copy Protection doesn't limit the number of files you can protect. You can protect as many files as you wish as long as you have enough storage capacity on your flash drive.


  1. Q5. How to completely unprotect the protected folder?

Open the protected folder, run the client and log in as Admin. Click the menu from the browser window: Manage > Completely Unprotect. Then you successfully unprotect the protected folder completely.


  1. Q6. How to auto login in without a password?

In the login window, select the user and input your password, then check the “Auto Login” option. The next time you run the client, there is no need to input a password anymore.
If you want to change another user to log in, click the menu from the browser window: Manage> Log off, and then select another account to log in.


  1. Q7. Can I protect any USB flash drive and HDD hard drive or I have to buy the special USB disks from you?

USB Copy Protection can be applied to any USB drive. USB Copy Protection is actually a complete solution that turns any USB flash drive from a simple storage device to powerful publishing media. USB Copy Protection supports protection in any USB drive disk which including TF card, SD card, flash disks, and HDD hard drives.


  1. Q8. How to restore my files if I forget the Admin password?

The default Admin password for the trial version is “123456”. If you are using the full version and forget your password, please provide us your registration information and contact us: [email protected]


  1. Q9. How can I modify t permissions for different users?

In the main window, click on the “Permission Settings” tab, then check the "Custom Access" option. Here you can able and disable up to 15 kinds of permissions of the files and assign specific permissions to this user.


  1. Q10. What if more than two users are editing the same document?

Feel free to use it. There is no synchronization problem when you and other users are editing the same files. Only one user has the write permission.


  1. Q11. USB Copy Protection can be operated in what type of disks? Is there any limitation of disk volume?

USB Copy Protection adopts an encryption algorithm that is suitable for all types of disks, saying FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & EFS, and protects disks in any volume, namely 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, or 64G.

  1. Can you add some customized features to USB Copy Protection according to my need?

Welcome! Please call us if you have any customized needs to discuss the customizing details with us. The specific cost will be charged according to the actual situation of the development.


  1. Q12. How many USB flash drives or HDD hard drives can I protect if I only buy a single license from you?

You can choose the proper version according to your requirements. There are four versions: Basic edition for 10 USB flash drives; Premium Edition for 60 drives; Enterprise edition for 600 drives, and VIP edition for unlimited flash drives. You can also pay for the extra license based on every edition. Please visit https://www.kakasoft.com/buy/buy-usb-copy-protection.html for details.


  1. Q13. How long can I use the software after I bought the license? Can I update the software for free?

Being a registered user of KakaSoft, you are entitled to a free copy of any minor updates to this product. For example, if you have purchased version 1.0 of the product, you will get all the further 1.x versions free. In addition, once a major revision of the software you have previously purchased is released, you probably need to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of this major update since it may be combined with a significant amount of improvements and new features.


Q14. How can I suggest a new feature?

Users can contact us for improvement of the function of the program, and we will consider the feasibility of your suggestion and do our best to meet your need.


Q15. Is it possible to use USB Copy Protection protected files on Mac and Linux?

The current version of USB Copy Protection doesn't support Mac and Linux operating systems. Protected files will remain protected on these operating systems but will not be playable.


Q16. Does USB Copy Protection support 64 bit operating systems?

Yes. USB Copy Protection supports Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, Server 2008 64 bit, as well as all other 32 bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and above. Protected content files can be viewed on 64 bit OS using standard 32-bit viewers and players.


Q17. On which operating systems the protected files can be used?

The current version supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows 2000 SP 4 and later, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and server editions of Windows.


Q18. What is the difference between an official version and a trial version?

The trial version expires in 7 days, and the default administrator password is "123456. If you like this software, please buy a full version.


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