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Shared Folder Protector Update Log

March 29, 2012: v4.75

Increased the connecting speed of the client and the server under some circumstances

Strengthen the process protection of the client


November 23, 2011: v4.72

Added thumbnail display, so users can check icon directly


November 11, 2011: v4.70

Add the option of allowing file "save as" or not

Prompting "360 software prohibit encryption of desktop folder" when 360 software prohibit it

Added "this user has full authority" option to "custom permission window" window

Changed monitoring rules: only monitor files opened in client and not interfere the usage of unencrypted files


September 16, 2011: v4.65

Fixed minor identification bug of folder icon

Revised the problem of replacing the file with the same name In the same directory

Increased file display speed


September 10, 2010: v4.60

Upgraded protection mechanism and strengthen file security

Fixed bug appear in tips on overwrite files with the same name

Solved failure problem when "save as" a file under certain circumstances


August 27, 2010: v4.52

Added limiting login IP function

Fixed bug in copy/paste function

Added authority management background

Added user group to 10

Revise part of security monitoring limitation


April 23, 2010: v4.50

Support Windows 7 system

Added file filter security drive to protect encrypted data effectively

Added client process protection: client process can not be forced to shut down

Highlighted the newly added file entries

Added "create new folder" function to right-click menu

Added journal file export function


October 22, 2009: v4.30

Fixed bug of inaccuracy in file name sorting

Fixed problem of slow displaying when the number of files is large and the leakage of internal memory


July 29, 2009: v4.20

Adjusted the main interface

Support client tree view files

Support bulk copy, delete and import file

Fixed bug in recovering encrypted file filtering when use high and highest security strength

Fixed bug in permission assignment when a file is shared by more than one user

Added "do not display the specified file/folder" function: users can hide the specified file to other different users

Users can customize name of the client

Improve the accuracy of file monitoring


May 5, 2009: v4.13

Fixed bug of failure in displaying encrypted files for some users


March 13, 2009: v4.12

Can set the number of views and expiry date for users

Support copy and paste function in client window


January 23, 2009: v4.0

Upgraded 3.x in a large scale

Used new encryption and decryption kernel

Set more than one user permissions to one folder

Can encrypt and decrypt more than one file at the same time, support drag and drop operation

Customized a variety of permission limitation

Added permission limitation for WINRAR

Add Log view function