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How to ensure folder protection on network and LAN for Windows

Internet is a huge resource base which allows people from different places to exchange and share information instantly. However, have you ever thought about the security of the shared folders or files, especially those which contain confidential data of the company or a working group?

Among the large amount of shared folder protection on local network KakaSoft Shared Folder Protector is a type of excellent lock folder in network software that can help you out of the annoyance of data losing.

Download Shared Folder Protector here and learn to folder protection on network and LAN in specific steps:

Free Download(3.7M)

Step 1: Install Shared Folder Protector

Double click the program, and then install it on your computer with Windows 10/8/7 system as Setup Wizard.

Step 2: Select file or folder you wish to protect

Open the icon of Shared Folder Protector on your desktop, click on “Select Folders” -> “Add Folder” button to add target folders.

add folder

Step 3: Set access permission to different user group

Navigate to “Permission Settings” option on task bar, set different permissions to different user. And you can also name each group by yourself.

permission settings

Click “Custom Access”, here you assign 15 kinds of access permission to different users according to your need.

Step 4 Protect shared files or folders

Click on “Options” to set security level.

Here you have three choices: Normal, High, Highest.

Normal: you can lock files in large volume in the fastest speed.
High: you can lock files in medium size in fast speed.
Highest: when the files are small in size, you can lock them with top secret,while it will take you more time.

set security level

Step 5 Protect shared files or folders

Click on “Encrypt Now”, enter password “123456” if you are using a trial version, then re-enter it to confirm.

Click “Protect” button to finish folder protection on network.


Kindly Tips:

  • Only the Administrator has full authority to the shared files and folders, he or she can assign different access permission to different user group.
  • When starting to protect folder on local area network with Shared Folder Protector, you can viewing the tutorial of this application first which will save you a lot of time and trifle.
  • Apart from locking folder over LAN and network, this program is able to protect files on portable storage devices, therefore copy protect files in all main media formats from illegal copy and distribution.
  • User in the protected user group can only view the shared files which ensure the shared document cannot be put into illegal use or be modified by accident.