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Advanced Folder Encryption Update Log

March 13, 2012: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.33

Fixed a minor display bug

After installation enter official user's guide Web page automatically


March 8, 2012: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.32

Fixed the bug of drive letter does not display file after folder image browsing (this fix is available after restart of PC)


February 1, 2012: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.25

Added drive kernel protection function

Added custom encrypt file folder icon function

Added Feedback window, we can collect customers' feedback in time

Added temporary decryption window topmost function

Remember the location of temporary decryption window automatically

Encrypted folder can not be copied/ deleted/ moved without permission

Registration code can be used as password

Default update checking conduct every 7 days


January 7, 2012: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.01

January 7, 2012: Advanced Folder Encryption 6.01

Added "Record decryption history or not" option

Allow adding "Shred Files" option in right-click menu

Limited the scaling size of main window

Integrated operation password and uninstall password of the software to settings panel

When operated checking and loading new version automatically

Changed the trial period for unregistered users to 15 days

Improved file shredding function


May 8, 2011: Advanced Folder Encryption 5.34

Not hide the main window after temporary decryption

Fixed minor bug in some detail


December 13, 2011: Advanced Folder Encryption 5.12

Support 256 Blowfish high strength encryption algorithm

Support file encryption on mobile HDD and USB flash drive

Support a variety way of decryption browsing, users can encrypt and decrypt files easily


Earlier versions

November 26, 2008

Advanced Folder Encryption 2009 new version was released

A significant improvement of the overall performance

Rewritten of encryption and decryption kernel

Support 3 kind of custom encryption strength

Fixed bugs may exist in compatibility and abnormality of the old version


February 25, 2008

Fixed bug appear in repeated folder name

Fixed the bug that part of image files can't be deleted caused by the protection of drive kernel

Strengthen the shredding effect by using a new algorithm

Replace the default skin and added new Vista skin


January 23, 2008

Full support Vista system

Fixed the bug of failure of classification protection of file protector after restart of PC

Improved the method of mobile encryption

Optimized the focus ordering of interface button

Modified drive kernel and improved the effect of encryption


December 18, 2007

Added mobile encryption to display encryption mark option

Fixed bug of "data write in error " showed in some users


December 11, 2007

Rewrote the model of hard disk encryption

Optimized memory structure

Speeded mobile encryption

Changed the main program interface

New skin scheme at your choice

Support encryption list classification displayed

Re-added anti-delete function of local folders

Prevented the leakage of password when password is too long


December 10, 2007

Updated setup configuration files

Optimized the function of file shredder and shred read-only files

Added two new skins

Optimized button sequence of operating interface and made it user-friendly

Fixed bug of decryption and operation of single file mobile encryption

Stabilized the performance of mobile encryption


November 1, 2007

Fixed bug of automatically update failure

Strengthen the stability of folder decryption

Decreased the occupation of systematic resource by drive kernel


September 1, 2007

Added dual security check to mobile encryption to ensure success of file locking

Modified an icon

Optimized encrypted data structure


June 20, 2007

Changed drive kernel and improved the performance, so new and old version are no longer compatible

Fixed bug of instability of folder browsing decryption

Changed the algorithm of mobile encryption

Changed the way of detecting encrypted files, minimized the harm of system reinstallation and formation to software

Deleted the function of "Support burning" option for the sake of security

Optimized some other functions


July 26, 2006

Fixed bug of failing to shred files completely

Fixed bug of failing to change password of mobile encryption folder

Changed some icons and pictures

Updated encryption algorithm


June 6, 2006

Repaired a detail in mapping decryption of mobile encryption

Revised starting mode, avoiding it is mistaken as a Trojan program


April 3, 2006

Fixed the failure of mapping decryption in certain circumstances

Added icons to buttons (you are welcome to give us some suggestion about icons you like)

Fixed the minor bug of pop-up the main widow when logged in as a non-administrator


March 11, 2006

Recovered the function of CD burning

Supported the recovery of single file encryption in File emergency center

Added independent researched "mapping encryption" to mobile encryption


January 18, 2006

Realized encryption of hard disk without restarting or logging off of PC


February 9, 2006

Added drag encryption function

Rewritten encryption algorithm

Changed a skin file

Revised some minor details

Fixed bug caused by name of encrypted file is too long

Canceled pop-up a widow when click a "NO" as using temporary decryption


January 27, 2006

Rewrote encryption algorithm of mobile encryption and improved level of security

Rewrote single file encryption algorithm, support password changing of single file encryption

Optimized memory occupied by software

Changed icon o f encrypted files


November 18, 2005

Added file emergency function


October 22, 2005

Solved the problem which a few users fail to register

Prohibited encryption on files in LAN (because labile factors existed in network, and it is easy to cause the failure)


October 6, 2005

Solved the instability appeared when encrypt a single file for the first time

Support Windows 98 system

Fixed bug of failing to write data to registry normally when system installed some certain antivirus program

Fixed bug of repetition of encrypted information after encrypting the same folder many times


September 30, 2005

Revises the popping-up of error display after opening of the previous version

Fixed bug of unable to recover encryption in main program after hiding the encrypted folder


September 18, 2005

Fixed minor bug when operating the main program

Added the classification of effectively encrypted files and invalidly encrypted files

Increased trial times to 38

Added "security setting " to "advanced settings"


August 28, 2005

Added anti-delete function of encrypted files

Changed algorithm and realized quickly encryption of files with the use of dual-threaded operation

Prohibit access to hard disk

Support automatic update, save your time

File shredder and EXE encryption support right-click function

Filter blank space in password input box

Added burning function of mobile encrypt files

Added browse decryption function, so file encryption regained when close the folder

Adopt mature MD5 and RSA encryption algorithm even ourselves can not decrypt it