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How to Hide Hard Drive and Ensure Data Security on Windows

Every computer user has some sort of private of confidential files stored in the drive disks, perhaps they are just some family pictures or the secret material concern to the business issues. Absolutely, keeping all of your data open and unprotected in your disk is rather risky and any minor misuse of your computer would cause data breach and data leakage to you. That is rather awful and you’d better employ some measures to ensure hard drive protection in your computer.
A software like Advanced Folder Encryption is an excellent choice for you to lock hard drive and hide it from the eye of unauthorized users of your computer. By hiding the whole hard drive this application can protect hard drive with a strong security strength and it stops any potential threat to your confidential data in a specific hard drive in your PC.

If you are the user of the latest version of Windows system, saying Windows 8, this program also can work perfectly to protect hard drive of you.

Download a free trial version here and get to know how to hide hard drive with Advanced Folder Encryption.

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Step 1 Install Advanced Folder Encryption

To begin to hide hard drive with Advanced Folder Encryption, you need to double click on the exe program you’ve downloaded, and then install it by following the Setup Wizard.

Step 2 Select drive disk to protect

Click on the icon of the program on desktop, open the main window, then click on the “Protect Drive” button on the task bar on main window, in the popped up window select a drive to protect and hide in the drive list.

Here you can also hide USB drive by checking it in the list.
Next, clock on “OK” button and you will find the selected drive disk is hidden and anyone can not open and view the content in it.


  • Advanced Folder Encryption is a one-stop solution for file and folder security problems, if you keep some confidential files in your computer and allow other people use your PC at the same time, you can move all of the files to a local drive and then hide it with Advanced Folder Encryption.
  • Apart from lock hard drive on your computer, this program can also password protect files and folders, shred unwanted files permanently for you.
  • With the adoption of the strongest 256-bit AES encryption method this software can guard your sensitive data and documents in computer robustly.
  • If you need to cancel the hidden of your local hard drive, open the main window of Advanced Folder Encryption and then navigate to “Protect Drive” option on task bar, then deselect the drive you hid in your PC, then click on “OK”.

Sounds good?

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