How to Create Strong Passowords with Vitual Disk?

Password Best Practices

Here are some suggestions for creating passwords to use with Private Disk:

1. Use passwords with more than 6 characters, preferably more than eight.

2. Mix the case of letters throughout your password.

3. Mix alphanumeric characters and include special characters, where supported by the operating 4. system, such as the ones above the number keys: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ -.

5. Change passwords regularly. You might change only a couple of characters that increment.

6. Do not use a password that would appear in a dictionary.

7. Do not use your name in the password, any dates (birthdays), vehicle license plates, pet names, mother’s maiden name, etc.

8. Do not use network logins.

9. Do not write the password down and store it nearby the computer.

10. Do not save the password in a file, such as an e-mail, on your computer.

11. Do not share accounts or tell anyone your password.