FAQ of KakaSoft PDF Converter

Q1. How to distinguish normal PDF and scanned PDF?

Here is an easy way to check whether an PDF document is a scanned PDF document:
a. Import the PDF file into your PDF reader.
b. Switch to text selection mode.
c. Try to highlight the text.
d. If the text can be highlighted, it is a normal PDF document.
Otherwise, it is a scanned PDF document.


Q2. Why the output quality of the converted file is bad?

The program can recognize and convert normal PDF files especially for word-only ones well. If the output quality of the converted file is not so good, there are many factors:
a. The original PDF file is too complex and contain many elements such as pictures, graphs and so on.
b. The original PDF file is too blurry.
c. The color of the words is similar to the background in the original PDF file.
Please try different PDF files for more tests. Meanwhile, we are keeping optimizing the program and will release new versions periodically. Please expect.


Q3. What's OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

OCR is an short for optical character recognition. It is a technique for extracting text from scanned PDF or image PDF files. It enables users to edit, copy, and search the text of scanned PDF/ images PDF documents.


Q4. How to customize the PDF converting pages?

If you just want to convert certain pages of a PDF file, click the Page Range field and type the page numbers need to be converted.