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Protect shared folders with some users on LAN

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I have 3 PC's on LAN running XP pro..all hv few shared folders on network and any of us can use any of that folder..(using simple file sharing)..
All are getting connected to ZXDSL 531B modem and are sharing internet B/B connection through that only..
If sum guests visit and want to use internet he can get access to dat, which we hv no problem for that.. but the problem is dat he can also get access to our internal network and can share those shared files/folders very easily, dat i dont want..
how can we restrict other users/guests on other PC's/laptops (except 3 of us).. so that they can only use internet but cannot use those shared folders..
Plz. help me out regarding this issue..
I dont want to use any server, win 2003 serv., or dont want to create domain..i can only use the available resources i.e. win xp pro..
Plz. guide me thorougly..


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Shared Folder Protctor extends file server access controls with strong end-to-end encryption, allowing administrator to specify access rights for specific groups or individuals. This approach ensures only authorized users can read or modify files, fulfilling requirements for separation of duties,information partitioning and security. With Shared Folder Protctor, organizations can defend their intellectual property, customer and partner data and corporate brand equity.

Shared Folder Protctor is a data copy protection software that uses advance level of steganographic technology to copy protect your media files like videos, audios, pictures and documents. It is a complete protection system that is strong, easy to use and very effective against tampering of any kind.