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How to password protect folders and files in Windows?

We have to password protect folder and files in some cases. For example, people use the same computer and you have private info to protect. Or you need share files on Lan or network and want to give different permissions to different user groups.


Two Ways to password protect folders and Files in Windows

Is it possible to password protect folders and file in Windows? The answer is sure. Is there a way of password protecting folder and files for all Windows versions? No, not a uniform solution on the world. Though there are two ways for you to choose. It depends on the version of your Windows system.


Way I: To encrypt and password protect folders in Windows 98 and earlier editions

For Windows 98, Windows 95 and Windows 3.x, there are no initial methods to password protect your sensitive folder and files. In this case, you need some third-party password protection software. KakaSoft Advanced Folder Encryption is one of the reliable folder lock and password protection program we recommend here. It offers Free Download. You may visit its official site https://www.kakasoft.com to have a try.


Way II: To lock and password protect folders in Windows XP Professional and Home editions

For Windows XP professional and home users, there are initial ways will help you password folder and files. But the steps of encryption are different for the two editions:


. For Windows XP Professional Users, to password protect folders and files:

  • Select a folder you want to password protect.
  • Right-click the folder and click "Properties" on the pop-up memu.
  • Click "Advanced" tab.
  • Check "Encrypt contents to secure data" option.
  • Click "Apply" and then "Ok" button.

  • Kindly remind, this way only applies to users using different accounts on the same computer. For users using the same account, you still need a third-party password protection software.


    . For Windows XP Home Users, to password protect folder and files:

    For Windows XP Home users, you also can encrypt and secure folder manually. But the steps would be much more complex than professional version. If you are a general user and are busy, we suggest you use a third-party folder protction and password protection program to help you. But we also would like to show you the detailed steps here.

  • Download the latest version of TweakUI http://windowsxp.mvps.org/tweakui.htm.
  • Run TweakUI.
  • Select Explorer in the main window
  • Check "Show 'Encrypt' on context menu " option from "Settings" on the right side.
  • Select a folder you want to encrypt.
  • Right-click the folder and click "Properties" on the pop-up memu.
  • Click "Sharing" tab.
  • Check "Make this folder private" option.
  • Click "Apply" and then "Ok" button.

  • Note: to enable the "Make this folder private" option, the following are device requirements.

    1. Format your hard drive in NTFS (not FAT32) file system.
    2. You can only password protect folderss in your user account. Usually you can encrypt a folder in "C:\Documents and Settings\your name\.


    Tips of Password Protecting Folders and Files

    Backup your Folder before Password Protecting

    Before password protecting a folder, you would better backup the folder in case you forget the password. And we suggest you save your passwords in a place that you frequently access.


    Backup your Encrypted Folder

    You or others might deleted your password protected folder accidently. To avoid losing the folders and files, we suggest you to backup them frequently.


    Protect your passwords

    It is not easy to decrypt a password protected folder without a password. Therefore, remember to save your passwords in a safe place. It could a paper or location on your personal email account etc. Also protecting your passwords and don't leak them out will make your data more secure.


    No 100% password protected File

    As we shown above, there are manual ways of password protecting folder and files. On the opposite, there are also numerous ways to break encrypted folder and files or passwords. We strongly recommend you to use commercial password protection program to protect your data. Though you need pay some service fee, the encryption level is much higher and stronger. As we mentioned, KakaSoft is one of the most experienced experts in folder lock, password protect folders and USB Security field. Its folder lock program Advanced Folder Encryption is strongly recommend here.


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