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How to lock flash drive with USB Security?

With the development of the modern technology people now living a life on the go.They prone to putting important files and documents in a portable storage disk and carry them when they are out for meetings or colloquiums, so that they can access to those files without the limitation of time and place.


While when you enjoy the convenience and fast-paced modern life brought by this Information Age, you have to slow down your pace and ask yourself: What if my data in the flash disk lost or being breached?


It is unwise to leave your flash drive open and unprotected when data leaking and theft become so rampant these days. Portable storage disks are small in volume and easy to carry so it seems that they have become a part a people's life. While there are so many kinds of threats may cause great damage to your individual privacy or enterprise confidential information.


The best and most secure way to protect your files and secret data in a portable flash drive is stop the unauthorized intruding into the disk and prevent illegal data breach fundamentally is to lock up your flash drive and keep your files and documents in a safe state. USB Security is a portable software specially designed to help you out of this present trouble and offers you complete data security by locking flash drive with a password word, therefore data leaking and breach are totally out of the question.


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USB Security is easy-to-use program that can password protect your USB flash drive and all kinds of removable storage disks. Once you've installed the program into a flash drive your files are under the protection of USB Security and there is no need for you to reinstall it, which means whenever you plug the protected disk to a computer with Windows system your files are locked up, and without the correct password nobody can access to the data in that disk which ensures data security from every possible aspect.


Here are the detailed steps to lock up and protect USB flash drive disk:

1. Plug in your USB drive, please make sure your confidential files have moved into the disk, then run the Setup program to install USB Security according to the wizard, select a drive you wish to lock, then click on "Install" button to finish the installation.


2. In the prompted interface enter your password and confirm it, then you can input your password hint to help you remember the password, and then click on "Protect".


Tips: Next time when you plug the protected USB drive into a computer, you need to run open the disk and run the USBSecurity.exe program directly, then inut the password to unprotect the disk if you want to access files in the protected disk.


Please be careful to remember your password, otherwise you cannot open your disk, so that sometimes a password hint is necessary.


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