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Windows 7 Password Protected File Sharing

Password Protected file sharing is very common in office and work groups. When sharing a file or folder in Windows 7, Vista or XP file server, the most important thing is to protect shared data. Without password protected, the shared folder and files will simply be modified, copied and even deleted. Therefore, users are hurry to ask: is there a uniform way applying to password protected file sharing in all the three Windows editions?


Unfortunately, the answer is not. There are different security mechanisms in Windows 7, Vista and XP. In Windows 7, there isn’t a built-in feature that allows you to protect shared folder and file. However, you can set access permissions to password protected file sharing in Windows 7 computer. But the steps are very complicated for general users. And in Windows XP, you can simply password protect file sharing on any directory.


The same way to protect shared files on the three Windows releases is to enable password protected file sharing either by Windows built-in feature or with a third party password shared folder tool. The following are some tips of password protected file sharing in Windows 7. If you are using Windows Vista or XP, you can refer to 'Windows Vista, XP Password Protected File Sharing'.


Windows 7 Password Protected File Sharing

Since Windows 7 doesn’t offer any built-in feature to password protect shared fold and files, a third-party utility is needed. The following are simple steps to enable password protected file sharing in Windows 7.


  • Download a password shared folder program and install it in your computer or file server.
  • Follow instructions of the program to set password for the folder and files you are ready to share.
  • Share the folder and files on your file server.
  • Users are able to read the shared files now.

    This successfully prevents unauthorized access to your password protected file sharing in Windows 7. But there is a lack you might be aware of. That is, how to do if you want certain users or groups to access the shared file and block others. In this situation, only password protection is not enough. You should find a tool that supports multi-user permission settings.


    What is multi-user permission of password protected file sharing?

    There is a folder or file in your computer. You, the Administrator have full authority to read, write, modify, copy, print and even delete it. When you sharing the file or folder on Lan, you usually don’t want others to do all what you can to it. If you share the file in your office work group, you might want your leader to read, copy and modify the file while your assistant to read and print it. For other group members, you just want them to read it. Then, you need find a way to help you set access permissions for different people and it is multi-user permission.

    How to set multi-user permission for sharing file in Windows 7?

    Here KakaSoft Password Shared Folder will completely meet your needs. It is able to password protect shared folder and files with advanced encryption algorithm technique. And, the very particular feature is it supports 15 types of multi-user permission settings. You can set read, copy, write, modify, delete, print etc. permissions for different users and groups. This feature is unique in password shared folder field. This program is compatible with both Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit system. What’s more, it also supports Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000 editions. You may learn more about it via https://www.kakasoft.com/password-protect-shared-folder/.


    Download Password Shared Folder for Free


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