FAQ of KakaSoft PDF Editor

Q1. What is KakaSoft PDF Editor?

KakaSoft PDF Editor is a flexible tool that allows you to create PDF documents or PDF forms from scratch. You can also use it to turn your collected form response data into shareable, printable, and downloadable PDF documents.


Q2. What is the difference between the unregistered version and registered one?

No watermark of string "Trial Version" when documents are saved to PDF files or printed by using the registered version.


Q3. Is PDF Editor safe?
Downloading and launching PDF Editor causes no major issues with system performance. The downloadable EXE file does not come with any malicious content, and using the program required no personal information to be provided to work. No suspicious activities have been linked towards PDF Editor when performing its function.

Q4. How to edit PDF files with PDF Editor?

The PDF editor is mainly used to add text, images, and shapes. This can be done in two ways. The first method is to click the icon on the toolbar. The second way is to go to the Insert menu on the menu bar. For images, PDF Editor supports a large number of file format choices, such as JPG, PNG, BMP and so on.


Q5. How to add a text or an image into document?

Add Text: Open "Edit" category and then click "Add Text" toolbar button on main ribbon bar, then click on the editing page where the text is started, keep the left mouse button is pressed, and move mouse button until desired size. Release the mouse button, you can get a text box with a flashing caret, now it can be typed any texts freely.

Add Image: Open "Edit" category and then click "Add Image" toolbar button on main ribbon bar. It opens Windows open dialog which prompts you to select an image file for adding.


Q6. How to change Order of the selected pages in document?

In the "Edit" menu, click the following menu items to adjust the pages position of in the document. Move to first: move the selected pages to front in document. Move Previously: move the selected pages one position forward in document. Move Next: move the selected pages move back one position in document. Move to last: move the selected pages to the last position in the document.


  1. Q7.How to select one or more objects at a same time?

In PDF Editor, an object maybe means a text, shape, image or a group object. If you want to edit one, it is need to select it at first. The multiple objects are allowed to be selected at the same time in PDF Editor. The standard Windows multiple-selection shortcuts of Ctrl+click and Shift+click is supported by the program. Two ways are offered for selecting objects.