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Advanced Settings

There are 3 security levels:

  • Security Level:Normal
  • Encryption Speed: Fastest
  • Encryption Method: Hide and Lock Files

  • Security Level:High
  • Encryption Speed: Fast (50 Files per second)
  • Encryption Method: Scramble and encrypt file headers

  • Security Level:Highest

  • Encryption Speed: Slow (15M data per second)
  • Encryption Method: 256-bit Blowfish Encryption

    • Show a Protected Sign (A special folder Icon)
    • Change the icon of the protected folder

    • Displays on the Right-Click menu:
    • Right-click a folder and click "Folder Protector" to protect.

    • File Filter: Files with names containing characters in edit box will not be protected.

      Example:If you do not want to protect the mp3 files, simply add "mp3" in the edit box



    • You can find out all your protected folders here.