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How to track computer activities with computer tracking software on Windows 7/8/XP?

Computers have gone into more and more families. Inevitably, kids and teens are exposed to internet where predators and cyber bullies are planning conspiracies. In the meantime, pornographic content also cause negative effect.

But don't worry. Free Keylogger, as the computer tracking software, is to address this problem. With Free Keylogger, you can know what your kids do on the computer and protect your kids from the Internet harm in advance.

Get Free keylogger here and learn to track computer:

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Step 1 Install the software and run it

Install the program and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to run it. Keep the state of "Status" on at first, switch on functions you need.

Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

Enter "General" window, check users you want to monitor here.

Step 3 Configure screenshot setting

Choose "Screenshots", confirm "Capture Interval" and other screenshots settings meet your requirement.

Step 4 View monitor logs

Back to "Status", click "View Log", all activities will be shown on the right.


Free Keylogger is helpful in monitoring all user activities performed on your PC in your absence. Its monitoring utility captures all typed keystrokes such as chat conversations, clipboard activities, accessed application and other activities performed on your PC. Keylogger tracking utility stores all information in txt or in pictures.

Free Keylogger is really helpful. One of its advantages is to use it for back-up objective when your system crashes. It is perfect to have keylogger installed in your computer so you won't forget some of your important passwords. It is a piece of backup software as well as a password recovery tool. However, utility of a keylogger is far more than this.

The default setting of Hotkey of Free Keylogger is "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A", you should press it to activate the program the first time. Of course, you can also reset the hotkey after you enter the program. In "General" window, you can choose character to reset the hotkey.

What if you want to prevent unauthorized access to the logs? You can set a password by clicking "General", and then check "Login With Password", input your password in the popup window, after that, you can password protect this program from any access except you yourself.