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How to spy computer with free keylogger on Windows

For any enterprise, information security is of paramount importance. And in today's business scenario, where technological advancements have increased computer spy software prevalence to remotely monitor.

Free Keylogger is gaining great popularity as it ensures secure, controlled and remote access to any application, from any device and from any location. It is a useful tool if you need to remotely monitor your computer while you are away.

Get Free Keylogger now, and we'll show you how to spy computer below.

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Step 1 Install the software and run it

With the guidance of Setup Wizard, install this program and run it by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A".
Switch on "Status", and ensure the buttons of functions you need to use is on.

Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

Click "General" on the right, check user accounts your need to spy.

Step 3 Set screenshot function

Navigate to "Screenshots" window, configure screenshot settings to ensure the final screenshots will meet your requirements.

Step 4 View monitor logs

Back to "Status", click "View Log", and then you can get all logs by pressing different items on the left.


Information and data can be considered as one of the most important business assets for a enterprise. It therefore follows that information and data security has become an increasingly important point that every company or enterprise should focus on and carefully manage. Employee monitoring is just one facet of a larger discipline known as endpoint security, which includes everything from malware protection to policy enforcement and asset tracking.

Large enterprise computing environments demand comprehensive endpoint-security systems, these systems tend to be complex enough to require the expertise of a trained IT pro. But there is a more easier way to achieve information security-Computer Spy Software.

Before you spy the computer, you should configure the relevant settings of screenshots. In" Screenshot", you can set different aspects of screenshots.
Firstly, you can set the capture interval to ensure the program will capture computer screen as you need.
Secondly, set the capture scale and capture quality so that you can get the proper screenshots.
Here, you can also set the interval of idle time so the program won't capture screen when the computer is idle for certain time.
What's more, Free Keylogger creates the function of Smart Sense Capture to set certain words, then the program will capture the screen when these words appear.