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How to monitor computer screen with Keylogger Software?

As parents, you should never underestimate the importance of keeping their children safe during the time that they spend online. As a husband/wife, if you suspect your spouse is using the Internet to keep in contact with a member of the opposite sex, you should quickly find out about it. In these cases, you need a type of computer screen monitoring software.

Free Keylogger is almost as effective as right hand for person to help you monitor those who are using your computer and looking over their shoulder. You will be provided with a full text and visual history of absolutely every activity that the computer was used for while you were away.

Click here to download keylogger , and follow the steps shown as below.

Step 1 Install the software and run it

Download the program and install it in your computer.
Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to run it.
In main window, switch on the button "Status".

Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

Choose "General", here, you should select user accounts first.

Step 3 Configure screenshot setting

Click "Screenshots", configure settings of capturing screen to get required screenshots.

Step 4 View monitor logs

In main window, click "View Log" ->" Screenshot", all the screenshots and time will be shown.


Want to keep an eye on what your employees or chsldren do on computer in your absence? Are they working, studying or doing chatting, playing game and making misuse of internet? Free Keylogger will not only monitor computer screen but also can record all keystrokes, web browsing activities, clipboard content, printing activities, typed file, internet searches web-based email sending details etc.

There are three methods to activate Free Keylogger after it hides on the background.

1. Press the hotkey of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
2. Set the Magic word in "General" interface, and then you can activate the program by entering the magic word everywhere.
3. You can also run the application by entering "runkey" in the Run command window.