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How to monitor child's activities on computer via Free Keylogger?

The Internet poses many dangers to teenagers who lack ability of distinguishing right from wrong. So even though they want their independence and privacy when they get older, it is still necessary for us parents to assure their safety.

Free Keylogger, a type of easy-to-use and professional child monitoring software, will be responsible for assisting parents to monitor kids' computer to avoid the potential harm from the Internet.

Click here to down load the software, and the detailed steps are shown as follows.

Free Download (2.3M)

Step 1 Install the software and run it

Install the program first and run it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A. Switch on the button "Status".

Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

Navigate to "General", check user accounts you want to monitor.

Step 3 Configure screenshot setting

Click "Screenshots", make sure the settings in this window meet your requirements.

Step 4 View monitor logs

Click "Status"-> "View Log", you can click any items to check your activities on the Internet.


Learning which speak networks your child frequents is essential, because being aware of which websites your child visits will let you know more about them. What Free Keylogger can provide is more than text your child types in, it records details of time of the Internet activities, name of applications, etc.
Free Keylogger can easily assist with protect the child, because the parents could keep an authentic track of exactly what their child lands on online.
As it runs hidden in the background, it is the best way to keep kids safe if surfing the web. Monitoring kids' computer without awareness of the monitored children will save you out of worry of harm brought by the Internet bullying.