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Free Keylogger

Completely free and easy-to-use software for monitoring user's activities on the Internet/computer.

  • Record all activities on the Internet/computer
  • Undetectable to antivirus program
  • Monitor computers in the background
  • Remote monitoring via email
  • Password protect the program

  • OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000

    File Size:2.3M
    Update: May. 2, 2014

Free Keylogger is a full featured supervisor for computers with Windows system. Once installed, you are capable to monitor all activities and changes on the computer, it can help you to record keystrokes, launched Apps, visited website, screenshots on desktop and any other surveillance on the computer.

It runs hidden in the background as long as the computer is open, and it's completely undetectable to antivirus software, so you can keep track of the activities on your computer when you are in absence. What's more, with the help of Free Keylogger, you can also use it as parental control and employee monitoring to ensure the Internet safety of children and the efficiency of employees during working time.

Free Keylogger also provide you with a function of password protection for the program, hence you shall check monitoring records only with the correct password and any unauthorized access to the logs will be prevented.

Key Features of Free Keylogger

Record Screenshots

Capture activities on the screen and show it with time based on the screenshots settings you set in advance.

Monitor Visited Website

Record all visited websites in term of text which includes time, URL, name of the visited pages, etc.


Keystrokes Logging

Able to records all keys stroke on the keyboard, support relevant information such as contents pressed in any application.



Clipboard Records

Apart from contents pressed on the keyboard, Free Keylogger is able to track what was copied and pasted to the clipboard.



Log Application Activities

Log all application and processes started or stopped in system. Logs will include name of the application, time, etc.


Multiple User Accounts Monitoring

Multiple computers can be under surveillance at the same time. You can monitor all users or choose to monitor several of them.


Remote Monitoring

Allow the user to set an email address to receive the monitoring logs so that you can monitor computers even though you are afar off.


Password Protection

Password protect the keylogger both when running and unlocking the keylogger so that the administrator will be able to prevent unauthorized access to the program.



Compatible with variety of Windows OS, including Windows 8/Windows 7(32/64-bits)/ Vista/ XP/ 2003/ 2000 and more other Windows versions.