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Anykeylogger User Guide

Anykeylogger is portable and outstanding software that aims at monitoring and recording any actions on computer. Make a quick look at how to use it as a new user.

1. How to set/change/eliminate a login password?

Click" General", check" Login With Password", enter your password in the pop-up box, and then click "Ok" to set password. Press" Change" button, input new password in pop-up box to reset, Uncheck the" login With Password" to clear the password.

2. How to change hotkey?

Click" General", choose one of the character in the drop-down box under" Hotkey to Run/Hide Anykeylogger".

3. How to run Anykeylogger by pressing magic word?

In" General" window, enter at least6 characters in the box of "Magic word to Run Anykeylogger", press" Apply", then you can run the program by pressing the word anywhere.

4. How to select specific users to monitor?

In" General" window, choose users account you need to monitor in the drop-down box.

5. How to send monitor logs to email?

Click" Delivery", check" Enable Email Logs Features" box, enter email address in the blank box below. You can also set the relevant functions about email delivery.

6. How to configure screenshots?

In" Screenshots" window, you can set capture interval, capture scale, quality here.

7. How can I view the specific logs or all logs?

Click" View Logs" in the main window, you can view specific records by clicking Today/ Last7 /all, and then choose one kind of logs below.