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Q: How do I start/stop the Monitoring?
A: Anykeylogger will automatically run after installation.
To stop the monitoring: Switch off the button of "Status".
To start the monitoring: Switch on the button of "Status".
Q: Does Anykeylogger make records of user activity?
A: Yes, Anykeylogger can record user activity, such as: running an application, clipboard records,websites visited. The program can also save screenshots and send all these records via email.
Q: Will the user detect Anykeylogger after I install it on the computer?
A: No, Anykeylogger works in stealth mode. It will not appear in the taskbar, process list, and the control panel 'add/remove program files' list. Only those who install it know its existence.
Q: How can I configure Anykeylogger to monitor specific users?
A: Choose "General" to select "Only Selected", then you can check user accounts you want to monitor in the users list.
Q: What if my anti-virus software blocks Anykeylogger or alerts users of its presence?
A: It is always a possibility that certain anti-virus software might be able to detect our software or the existence of it outside of our control.
Q: How can I hide Anykeylogger?
A: First of all, you can set Hotkey to run/hide Anykeylogger. The default setting of Hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A.
Q: Can Anykeylogger send logs by email?
A: Yes, you can click "Delivery" to activate email logs feature and set email address for receiving monitoring logs.
Q: I forget my Micro Keylogger password, what should I do?
A: Once you lost your password, please contact us via support@anykeylogger.com, then will reply you ASAP.
Q: Should I uninstall the trial version before installing the full version?
A:No, please just register the Anykeylogger with your registration License code and the trial version will be turned to full version.
Q: Will Anykeylogger automatically update when upgrades are available?
A: Yes, assuming the permissions have been turned on to allow automatic updates. However, it is the responsibility of the user to make sure they are running the latest version.
Q: What operating systems is Anykeylogger compatible with?
A: Anykeylogger works on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000.