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How to catch a cheater via computer with keylogger software?

Doubting your partner can send you on a guilt trip. Unless, you are not 100% sure about your doubts, it is advisable to keep quiet. In fact, they may emotionally blackmail you to get out of the situation. However, there is a way out of this situation if you are willing to go a step ahead rather than simply doubt and sulk.

Free Keylogger, with its rich functions, will help you to find out the reality whether your spouse is cheating you and assist you to catch a cheater.

Give a try to Free Keylogger, and follow steps below.

Free Download (2.3M)

Step 1 Install the software and run it

Run the program after installing; press the hotkey of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to enter the main window.
Keep the state of "Status" on.

Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

In "General", choose target user account to monitor.

Step 3 Configure screenshot setting

Choose "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots.

Step 4 View monitor logs

Back to main window, click "View Log", and then all the items will be shown on the left, choose one to view.


One goal of Free Keylogger is to catch cheating spouse and erase your doubts. The truth will hurt you but in the end it you who will benefit. There is no reason to stay in a relationship wherein there's betrayal. Everyone deserves happiness; free you yourself from a relationship that is full of lies.

Adopt Free Keylogger to assist you to do this investigation on the Intermet instead of employing a private investigator to spy and following your partners everywhere will be more effective.

As we are focus on perfecting ourselves, you can contact us for free technical support once you get problems about our software. If you pay for the full version of Anykeylogger, you will get upgrades for free during one year as a registered user.