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Single-User License $34.95 $24.95 Buy Now
Multi-User License (3 PCs) hot $69.95 $34.95 Buy Now
*Upgrade to 6.x from 5.x(For old user only) $12.95 Learn more


The comparison table of PRO version and FREE version

Free Pro
Basic Folder Protection
Protect Folders Instantly
Retrieve Password via Email
No Trial Reminders
Advanced 256-bit AES Encryption
Reset Password by Restore Center
Set a login password to avoid unauthentic acces
Ensures complete privacy leaving no future headache
Free 7*24 Technical Support



Folder Protector Sales Questions:

Q1. Can I use a single license on all my computers?

Unfortunately no. A single user license allows you to use Folder Folder on only one computer. For every other user you need to purchase a separate license. If you want to protect folders on more than two computers, it is strongly recommended that you buy a Multi-User License. (Discount is always available for multi-user license)



Q2. I want to protect my USB drives and use them on other computers, how many licenses should I buy?

Simply buy a single-user license for your owned computer and you can protect unlimited number of USB drives. It's not necessary to buy licenses for other computers where you use your protected drives on.


Q3. Can I buy an academic license? Or a site license?
Yes, we offer special discount licenses for all types of organizations and academic institutions.



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