Who Can Control The Data Security?

With the continuous development of scientific and technological, the popularization and application of computer technology is also updated at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the attendant problems about computer system vulnerabilities result in a serious interference for majority of computer users. Especially in recent years, as computer vulnerabilities are constantly being maliciously used, its dangers are constantly upgraded.

On July 9, some Windows systems users was hacked, and a number of media reports that hackers took advantage of the vulnerability illegally released by an engineer in Google without notification to Microsoft.


For this hacker attack, Microsoft did not provide details, but said hackers launched a “purposeful attack”, which generally refers to the government’s or corporate clients’ Windows computer were attacked, and hackers majorly aim at obtaining confidential information for the purpose.

Regardless of users are using Microsoft’s Windows system, or Google’s Android system, some elements of system security should be taken into consideration.

First of all, using a firewall or router to help users protect their system is a good idea.


Second, updating security patches. Although in many cases, before deploy the patches to the production systems, the test can be extremely important, but ultimately the patches must be deployed to the system. If the patches don’t update for a long time, your computer may well easily be the target of unscrupulous attackers.


Third, using data encryption, for the attention of enterprise data security system administrators, there are different levels of data encryption available, choose one solution of folder/file encryption to protect the data and information to meet the enterprises’ need. Effective data encryption can help the administrators to secure folder/file on the LAN.


Fourth, protecting your data by backup, data backup is used as the most important way to avoid disaster. Enterprise administrators can set directory or drive in the local, when the local file changes, the file will automatic backup in accordance with the chronological order of release management, so that users can always check backed up files.


No matter business or personal, the user’s data security should not be trampled by anyone. Only picking up the information security tools, grasping security autonomy, can we calmly face the dangers of such dispute!