Dec 04

Windows XP and Windows 8 take less Than 40% and 1% of Web usage respectively

It is reported that according to the recently released report which is about the statistics of November of Net Applications, Windows 7 rank the first place as 44.71% of the market share, the second is Windows XP with 39.82% which decreases 0.84%, and OS X increases 0.14% to 7.3% take the third place. While the newly released Windows 8 system only takes 1.09% of the total volume with a rising of 0.68% which is totally in accordance with expectation and brings no surprise to us.

Although the market share which Windows 8 takes does not startle most readers, among those users less than half of then choose to use the default Explorer of IE 10, and most of them use Chrome, Firefox and other Explorers.  

As long as people concern with the usage of operation systems they use on their computer, there is another issue relate to the protection of computer that worries people from different areas: file and folder encryption on PC. No matter what kind of operation system you use you are facing the same problem which is to safeguard your confidential data and stop illegal use of them.

Windows XP is one of the most popular products released in 2001 by Microsoft and it makes great contribution to the success of Microsoft. In Windows XP, “XP” refers to experience and it contains version of Home Edition, Professional, 64-Bit Edition and so on. As though Windows 7 is also weigh a lot on the PC user, it does have a historical meaning as Windows XP. What’s more, Windows 8 is a revolutionary attempt of operation system, but it is too soon to predict its taking off.

On the field of data protection all Windows systems do well in hiding folders and files on the drive disk, however for people with higher standard it is not enough. Individuals can find ways to lock file or folder with a third-party program so that you will never worry about your confidential files on Windows system being breached or stolen by bad guys.

Nov 27

Ensure Data Security on Windows System

The operation system giant Mirosoft Windows has announced that Windows XP system has entered the countdown stage of stopping update completely. Actually this countdown has begun several years ago and recently it attracted people’s attention. Mirosoft said that Windows XP will stop updating after 500 days which means there will be no update of patch and security package for this system.

Windows XP is famous for its security features and the stopping of updates will expose users to great danger when there is no update and the rising of possible security issues will be headache for those users. This action will definitely cause a series of chain reaction to the related industries and fields. While as an ordinary user you may focus more on the effect of you data security in your computer with Windows XP system. If you lock files and folders in your computer with data security software in your computer this will not be a big deal for you and also not affect your data protection.

The development of operation system seems to be an inevitable process, from the innovation and upgrading of Windows alone we know that this is really a great progress in improving user experience. The release of Windows 7 horrified those conservative users, while after a period of time it turned out that it is a the trend that is unlikely to stop. Now Windows 8 may face the same issue as it previous sibling, while when witness the adoption and development of it in the smart phone and tablet field you can get that the take-off of Windows 8 is just a matter of time.

Data security means efforts from all aspects that related to the computer and the whole data storage world, and the security feature of the operation system itself is not enough for people with higher requirement, saying you can password protect USB drive or lock folders in your computer. The progress of technology is never mean to cause panic in users’ mind, you can think the better side of this issue and then get the best and most satisfied result.

Ensuring data security on Windows system means do whatever you can to protect your data in and out of the computer. Therefore, there are much more things you can do than worrying about the stopping of update of a single version of operation system.