Dec 28

Dose Browser with Password Remembering Feature Pose You at Risk?

If you are Web user who used to have all of your login password and other account details remembered by the browser, you have to realize that you are exposed to losing your account information to the wrong hand. There is no denying that the feature of memorizing password of the browser offers you countless convenience and save you from the annoying of entering password every time you are required to login some sites.

Data security online is different from USB security issues or other data protection on the computer, it changes more often and vary from one browser to another. The using of the browser, synchronization of your data to other relevant account or devices and some other factors thread influence on the surety risks which the browser may bring with.

When you saving your password with the browser, the major problem is your account information or privacy may be snooped by malicious people. There is various danger may be triggered when you lose your computer or other devices, or your information is breached online by cyber criminals. Once you get your password lost in the evil hands you are very likely to lose your credit card information or other valuable data. The major web browsers are equipped with the feature of remembering your password, and if you are incline to use this feature you need to think twice.

On your computer you may adopt a exclusive folder encryption software to lock up your files and folders with password and passwords are now so important for every user, when it comes to password for online account the situation is with the same importance. If you are surfing on the website of a bank, you need not to remember your password, because once others get your password you are doomed to suffer from great loss which anyone can imagine. To ensure information security to the largest extent, you can set different password to different site and different account.

There is a kind of website which allows the user to view some login details as you save the password on the browser, so that if you lost the password other people may get your information easily. It is not wise enough for you to let the browser remember your password especially those password for important site. To ensure completely secure web-surfing environment, you need to be cautious in the details.

When you need to transfer data from a USB disk, you can pay attention to the protection of the disk which includes USB security and USB copy protection and the using of the website. As long as we know that the Internet Explorer 9 has the some feature to prevent web snooping of your account, Chrome 21 and Firefox 14 performance weaker in protecting privacy related to password details. What’s more the now operation system like Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not offer much security option on this aspect. Therefore be careful when you remember password on the browser and data and information security comes from your understanding and action.

Nov 27

Ensure Data Security on Windows System

The operation system giant Mirosoft Windows has announced that Windows XP system has entered the countdown stage of stopping update completely. Actually this countdown has begun several years ago and recently it attracted people’s attention. Mirosoft said that Windows XP will stop updating after 500 days which means there will be no update of patch and security package for this system.

Windows XP is famous for its security features and the stopping of updates will expose users to great danger when there is no update and the rising of possible security issues will be headache for those users. This action will definitely cause a series of chain reaction to the related industries and fields. While as an ordinary user you may focus more on the effect of you data security in your computer with Windows XP system. If you lock files and folders in your computer with data security software in your computer this will not be a big deal for you and also not affect your data protection.

The development of operation system seems to be an inevitable process, from the innovation and upgrading of Windows alone we know that this is really a great progress in improving user experience. The release of Windows 7 horrified those conservative users, while after a period of time it turned out that it is a the trend that is unlikely to stop. Now Windows 8 may face the same issue as it previous sibling, while when witness the adoption and development of it in the smart phone and tablet field you can get that the take-off of Windows 8 is just a matter of time.

Data security means efforts from all aspects that related to the computer and the whole data storage world, and the security feature of the operation system itself is not enough for people with higher requirement, saying you can password protect USB drive or lock folders in your computer. The progress of technology is never mean to cause panic in users’ mind, you can think the better side of this issue and then get the best and most satisfied result.

Ensuring data security on Windows system means do whatever you can to protect your data in and out of the computer. Therefore, there are much more things you can do than worrying about the stopping of update of a single version of operation system.

Nov 20

Encryption is Not Omnipotent but Still Necessary

For people with valuable data and confidential documents leaving them unprotected and open is unwise and will cause irrevocable loss. So files need protection no matter when you access to them or just leave them alone. What is the best ways to safeguard data from being beamed across the Internet? Absolutely, encrypt folder or file. People incline to regard encryption method for all the issue concern with data security. This sounds quiet reasonable to some extent while there never exist a thing that is flawless.

Encryption is a good expression way of the using of cryptography. Some experts by the analysis of the theory of encryption found that encryption is not that much invulnerable technically. It works strictly according to some certain arithmetic so that it can be worked out with the right rules of arithmetic. That is to say if you lock files by encrypting them will not offer you 100% insurance of security someday in the future, it is just a matter of time.   

Encryption, at its core, it’s nothing more than replacing information with other data that makes it appear to be gibberish unless you have the key that helps you reverse the process (decrypt) so you can recover the original information.

Annoyed it may seemed, this is the real situation faced by people who are already adopted or plan to adopt the encryption method, however, without encryption the consequence is even worse. Keeping valuable data and confidential files open and unprotected will be a disaster for all the users, because those intangible cyber criminals are snooping you in somewhere you do not have any idea.

You should definitely employ encryption to protect your data whether it’s in transit across the Internet or resting safely on your laptop’s hard drive, but you should be aware that it’s just another element of computer and data security and understand that it’s not impenetrable.

In fact the encryption algorithm you use to lock folder and your data may be very strong today, but if you think deeper, after a long period of time any bored teen can crack with a few hours with their hands. Backup data may easily be forgotten and ignored, and years from now the file that was encrypted when the data was backed up may no longer be adequately protected.

Encryption has never been an easy matter for anyone, so that you can take precaution measures to safeguard your data from illegal breach or leaking in every detail. Apart from the technical difficulty in secure data permanently there are lots of thing you can do to stop unwanted reach of cyber criminals.