Dec 14

Say No to Data Leakage from Internet Explorer

According to a survey recently conducted by a data collection company we find that among the major explorers Internet Explorer got a basically satisfied evaluation results. With the rising of some other explorers with good functionality and excellent user experience Internet Explorer seems be not competitive as they used to be. While it has been used for so many years and accumulate a large amount of users, so we still hope to hear some good news from it.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, hopefully you’ve already applied the updates from Patch Tuesday earlier this week. But, even if you did it seems your browser might still be vulnerable to a potentially serious issue which means you are still facing the threat of losing private information when you browse the Internet, and you need to prevent data leakage caused by this reason which is quite different from folder encryption and USB security issues.

Some data security companies that is specialized in helping users tell actual Internet user from automatic bot activity, announced that they’ve discovered a flaw that influence Internet Explorer the recent good browser from Microsoft, from 6 to 10. The flaw is that the mouse pointer can track everything on the screen, even on the condition that the window in minimized to the tray.

This definitely will cause data leakage when people are using the IE to explorer the Internet, so that you need to be carefully when you are using IE. There is no effective measure to solve this problem yet. And what you can do is to do something from your own side. Do not leave your personal information on the net that may be easily reached by the cyber criminals. What’s more, your online shopping records and bank account details admissible also be protected from the illegal use.

There is no complete ways to ensure a 100% data security when you are using the Internet, what you can do is be cautious as much as you can and pay attention your data security from time to time.

On the other hand, of you are a person who has the need to transfer data through USB devices or storing sensitive data on your computer you have to be careful and guard data security of them. To ensure USB files security you can use USB locker software to protect data and statistics in USB devices, therefore, when using a USB drive to transfer data on Internet you can feel at ease.

When it comes to protecting files and folders on the computer, you can refer to folder lock applications which using password to lock files and folders and prevent any data leakage from your computer.

Nov 30

A Digest of Google Project Glass

People first get to know the Project Glass introduced by Google in February of this year in The New York Times. As a new type of product that catches people’s eye this Glass is more like a device you wear on your face other than a real pair of glass for it do not have the real lens on it. Then in May, at Google’s I/O conference this Project Glass is displayed with a live video feed on Youtube which showed a sky diver jump from a plane and parachute onto the roof of the conference building.

The rapid development of Facebook gives Google+ a lot of pressure so that Google is trying its best to get the attention from the public. This Google Glass invented by Google X Lab has a revolutionary meaning with the emerge of the features of video call, GPS, Internet surfing, data processing and e-mail sending, which allows you experience the fun of voice control. This is like a smart phone but not really a smart phone with so much new features of a new product.

Now, Google emphasized that Google Glass is still at a very, very early stage which I thinke so too. Many of the expected factors still haven’t been realized, including what filed that the Glass will be applied to, how the operation interface will look like, and so on. Of course, Google doesn’t want to get the public excited about some features that may not be shown in the eventual version of it. (From the conference, we got that Google is planning to offer the prototypes next year for the price of $1,500 or so, planning to sell Google Glass to the public in, some, the year 2014.)

As a revolutionary digital product with smart features, Google Glass is definitely equipped with memory card which is said to be 8G. When referring to issues concern with storage card, data security problems weighs a lot. Choosing a data security program to lock usb disk or memory card with good security strength will do a great help in protecting your sensitive data.

With different evaluation on Google Glass as far as we can seen on the news paper or on the Internet we can conclude that it’s much too soon to assert Google Glass’s success or failure in the future. Nevertheless, we can get the point that it has great potential to take place someday, and that Google is directing its development in exactly the right way in the future we may witness the scene from a fiction movie- high-tech devices make our life more convenient and full of fun.

Nov 23

Is This an Ultrabook or Tablet?

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8 operation system PC manufacturers begin to launch their new protects one after another. These notebooks and laptops are more or less similar to ultrabooks, but they are different from ultrabooks in some features which means with the adding of Windows 8 and touch features the new generation of notebooks are functionally strengthened tablets to some extent.  With the appearance of a tablet these notebooks have the configuration of a PC, saying a powerful processor and a large storage which allows you to carry more data, pay attention to your data in your notebook and lock folder or file in it.

The appearance of Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro makes the definition of notebook and tablet even more confused. It has a plugged-in screen which allows you to turn the screen to a independent tablet with the configuration of a mobile platform products: i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM and Solid State Disk.

Dab the button to unhook the tablet from the keyboard dock, and the improved build quality is instantly apparent. Where the Atom-powered Ativ Smart PC felt plasticky, the metal-framed Ativ Smart PC Pro is much more solid in the hand.

Connectivity is largely identical, but the single USB 2 port gets bumped up to USB 3 on the Pro model. Both 3G- and 4G-equipped models are on the horizon, and dual-band 802.11n and Bluetooth 4 make the grade. Disappointingly, though, you’ll still have to rely on the bundled USB Ethernet adapter for wired connections.

There is no clear definition of the difference between ultrabook and tablet, and specification of mobile platform can be apply to other platforms. While the awkward situation is that it makes the product properties blur.

From the overview of the specification of Ativ Smart PC Pro, we know that this is a tablet equipped with mobile platform. Comparing with other tablet devices it has more advanced functionality and offers user better user experience.

No matter what kind of computer or tablet you user, one point you should keep in mind is folder encryption and data security weigh a lot for you. Any possible data breach or data losing will cause irrevocable loss for your sensitive files. The development of new technology on PC and other smart devices allows you to experience the changes brought by the newest technology so that it doesn’t matter whether it is an ultrabook or tablet.

Nov 07

Protect Your USB Data Security in Windows 8

Microsoft recently released Surface tablet carries with Windows 8 system has aroused attention and analysis from different group of people. From the reaction of users we know that Windows 8 is another revolution in operation system after windows 7. With more and more smart phones, tablets and laptops adopting Windows 8 as the operation system in the future there will be more people rely on this new technology. And the issue concerned with USB security attracts people’s attention continuously.


Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience on mobile devices such as tablets to rival other mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS), taking advantage of new and emerging technologies (such as USB 3.0, UEFI firmware, near field communications, cloud computing, and low-power Intel and ARM chips), new security features (such as malware filtering, built-in antivirus software, and support for secure boot, a controversial UEFI feature which requires operating systems to be digitally signed to prevent malware from infecting the boot process), along with other changes and performance improvements.

While no matter how rapidly technologies developed in the field of operation systems the data security problem always cause headache for people using devices with these systems. Particularly USB data security occurs from time to time as the popularization of portable storage drives in tablets and laptops.

Locking a USB flash drive in windows 8 is easy and simple in fact as long as you can find a right way to encrypt the devices. Perhaps you may think purchasing an anti-copy USB disk will diminish all anxieties right now. Yes this is a good attempt for secure your data security in a USB flash disk. But how about other types of memory cards and disks, they are quite commonly used in the smart devices and if you want to store data in these disks you may feel annoyed again.

Therefore, an all in one USB data security solution is necessary for you to realize USB drive encryption regardless of the operation system you use.

Apparently, windows 8 add lots of new features to improve user experience in many ways, but how to ensure security of sensitive data is another issue need to be explored and discussed. Maybe a reliable USB encryption software will save you from constant worry about data leaking and losing. Enjoy fully of the pleasure brought by new technology, at the same time please do not forget to protect your confidential and sensitive data and files.