Mar 15

Samsung Galaxy S4 Finally Comes out and Within Reach of People

For years, in the market of smartphone, Apple and Samsung have been competing with each other for the market share. Ever since the release of Galaxy S3, Samsung has made Android phone more adorable than any other phone could. On March 15, 2013, Radio City Hall was filled with people, at the same time at the heart of New York City in Times Square an even larger crowd waiting there. At the beginning of the release conference, a piece of video which is about the company’s Unpacked Event campaign, and people are wondering about what it is in the little boy’s box.

Samsung made a perfect secret keeping job before the real release of Galaxy S4, so that it left much more space for all kinds of guesses and rumors and made it the most awaited phone of Samsung. Recently, with the popularity of all kinds of smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, people enjoy more freedom in data on the removable devices, while USB security issues or folder protection case becomes more and more important at the same time.

Finally, when the box was opened and all guesses and anticipated come into the eye of all people. It is proved that Samsung S4 deserves a highly praise whit its strong and powerful hardware and featured new features. It sports a larger 5-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display and come with a much smaller bezel, has 441 ppi. Other specs include a 13MP rear-facing camera and 2MP for front camera, 2600mh battery and thinner body.

Apart for the improved hardware, the highlighted features of S4 lie in the brand new updated user experience. Sound Shot, Drama Shot, Eraser, Air Views, S Translate, Adapt Display, Story Album, Home Sync, S Voice Drive, Smart Switch, Group Play, Air Gesture and other special features make Galaxy S4 a perfect smartphone also brings people more convenience in use.  There are more chance for people to access the digital files on phone or computer, which also pose your files and folders to dangers and risks of data leakage, therefore, you need to lock files on your smartphone or PC.

Also, some people think that S4 is much like the previous S3 in appearance. There are a large amount of people talking about the disappointment about the new Samsung phone. But there are still space for improvement. We cannot deny that the development of technology keeps presenting surprise and changes to people’s life, from the original computers, phones to the recent advanced software and apps, such as USB flash drive copy protection application. Maybe this time you are not so satisfied with a single technology, more or less time will tell you about the reality. We can just anticipate for the next new product or new invention to enter our life.

Dec 07

EU Considers about Plans to Reform Copyright

No one can denying that the entire world is forward to an age of Internet, from which printing-press is included. At least judging from the recent developmental of creation and regulations the online world impacts greatly on the traditional media and the new media slowly become the main stream data and news resource. According to the recent report the EU is now officially be the pioneer to launch the discussions on copyright reform.

According to the remark, “Making European copyright fit for purpose in the age of internet“, of one commissioner we think it is possible for realization of reform of copyright, but later people find out that he was just about to consider about some related updates of the existing rules which frustrated lots of people.

One thing for certain is that EU is gradually realizing the importance and urgency of reforms that are relative with copyright. And also EU needs new rules to regulate the new but up-growing new media industry and the old printing press as well.

In the year 2014 three Commissioners will attend the meeting and discuss about the changes and findings and decide whether concrete policy should be proposed. No matter what the striking effect might be, there’s much more work left to be done than suggested in this initiative to analyze the workings of the copyright system properly and to think out suggestions for useful reform. Nevertheless, this initiative deserves more focuses by all interested organizations to help steer it in the right way.

As people pay more and more attention on the copy protection and issues related to copyright system, it is time for you to consider about your own copyright protection. If you are the owner of intellectual property or company presentations you are in need of copy protecting your files and materials. When selecting a suitable method to guard your copyright you can ask yourself about what kind of method that suits you the best? What security level you really want? Will it hinder yourself to access to the files?

Comparing carefully before you make up your mind, and you can choose a copy protection software to prevent unauthorized copy and distribution of your work or publishing. Or you can use copy protection technology to limit the using of audio products or video products. Whatever you adopt to copy protect usb and data in other place you should realize that there are potential threats which may crack right 1file and distribute them without your permission, the sooner you take action the more secure your files will be.