Jan 13

Security Tips for Anti Data Leakage (1)

Whether in real life or in the virtual world of the Internet, the security issues existing in many enterprises are mostly caused by internal staff. The so-called “internal problems” doesn’t derive from hatred to enterprise, many of which are caused by unintentional faults. For example, employees visited the site linked to horse, spyware , adware, such of kind of malicious software will unknowingly downloaded to their computer, and then these programs will be spread within the enterprise network.

Harm caused by the employees to the enterprise, regardless of whether they intend to so, the results of their actions are the same: misuse of the network is likely to cause that the company information system is compromised, confidential information is stolen and the company network is congested and other issues. Once corporate trade secrets are leaked, the assets will suffer huge losses.

Data leakage is a great loss for both employees and the business.

When corporate data leaks, the enterprises are not the only one who suffers loss, the concerning staffs are also the ultimate victims.

In August 2006, the CTO (Maureen Govern) worked for America Online (AOL) resigned; the reason is that AOL had leaked 658,000 anonymous users’ about 20 million Search keyword in three months.

In addition, a researcher and his supervisor of AOL technical research department also left the company owing to data leakage. In order to quell the waves of criticism on the Internet, AOL said it would set up a special team to review the company ‘s customer privacy protection policies.

Data breaches will even make a nation suffer loss, letting the government competence being questioned – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been questioned for 2500 people losing information.

In October 2007, the UK HMRC lost two important data discs, in which there is 25 million people sensitive information. In the UK, child welfare subsidies are all directly deposited to the target bank account via transferring, while losing discs saved important personal information.

The losing information involves a great number of UK households, almost all families having children under the age of 16 have lost personal information, and even Prime Minister Gordon Brown family was not spared. Losing information is related to all child welfare subsidies beneficiaries, including 25 million people, 7.25 million families. Almost half of the UK’s confidential information is lost, which contains important bank account content, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown s have been strongly questioned.

Many companies make up some security policies in the database, e-mail and some other aspects of information management, but these policies are just a framework, the effects of which is questionable.

One of the most stressful things for the IT charge men is business-critical data leakage, however leak is really inevitable, because no matter how powerful the technology and equipment are, the enterprise can hardly avoid illegal invasion.

Many enterprises will assign super administrator privileges to admin, such permission is a reflection of the abuse of authority to database. The data environment with such kind of privileges is very dangerous, because it is very easy to be exploited by unscrupulous people, causing critical data loss.

Johnson offers three ideas and suggestions to adequately protect data:

1. In the enterprise, allowing IT operation staffs to assign permissions based on the actual users’ needs is a strenuous and thankless job. Many business executives require IT operation staffs to set the permission of database as “super administrator”, but this requirement is not necessarily consistent with the actual need, which makes IT operation staffs in dilemma.

However, as IT executives, even if you feel very difficult, but I still recommend you to adhere to your principle – related personnel database permissions should match their actual work right, especially you should figure out why some staffs obtain the super privileges.

The management of company must have a clear judgment in this aspect, is it better to firstly regard convenience or the safety? But from all above, we know that in order to stand out from such a competitive market environment, sound and stable security measures are imperative.

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Oct 14

Source Code and Millions of Users’ Data of Adobe Were Stolen

According to Reuters, Adobe Systems said that hackers stole some of source code of its most popular software and millions of users’ data. Security experts worried about theft of the source code, because the confined review on the software will result in discovering new vulnerabilities that can be used to launch an attack difficult to detect.

Adobe said the hacker gained source code of Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. The company’s chief security officer Brad Arkin said that since the incident happened two weeks ago, they have been investigating the invasion , and there are no indications that hackers use the stolen source code to launch attacks.

Akin said that hackers stole 2.9 million Adobe customers’ information, including name, user ID and encrypted password, and payment card numbers. He believes that these attacks may be associated with each other. The company said it will reset passwords for customers worldwide who are affected by this issue, and to remind them to change the reusable passwords used on other sites. The response team of computer incident issue of US Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday, Adobe user should be careful not to be taken in.

Adobe said it is working with banks and federal law enforcement agencies to resist the invasion to customer accounts and to investigate the responsibility of these acts.

Large-scale disclosure of user information will cause more immediate threat on information security. Since this information including user names, bank card account numbers, passwords and other sensitive information. Therefore, in addition to the chance that real or virtual property will be stolen, they may be used to conduct phishing attacks which will cause more threats against users information security.

Users need to be aware of and guard against the threat caused by this issue, if you are a member of Adobe, please change your password. If you use the same password on other sites, you need to modify. If you use of login your credit or debit card in Adobe, please note whether there is unknown cards consumption.

Enterprises that hold customers personal information can’t pay too much attention to data security, since customers give their information to you out of trust, once you disclose the data to others and let the customers know that, they will never trust you. For enterprises which have customers’ information, complete data security solutions, such as server encryption, shared folder protection are necessary.

May 20

Lenovo Want to Be Flourished in Table PC Market

In the morning on May 20(Beijing time), Liu Jun, senior vice-president of Lenovo group, president of Lenovo business group, discloses the development strategy of business of Lenovo smart phone, tablet computer and smart TV. Liu Jun said, Lenovo will be flourished in the areas of the tablet computer, and have confidence to fulfill the goals of the 100 million Lenovo brand terminal shipments.

Liu Jun, said the market of tablet computer will be splendid instead of being dominated by any one product. He further revealed that Lenovo will not only launch products covering high, middle, low price level, but also launch a new type of tablet computer in the second half of this year.

In the Lenovo internal staff meeting held in April this year, Liu Jun, as the president of Lenovo business group, came up with a rather challenging performance target: 100 million shipments of the Lenovo brand terminal this year. This number is twice that of last year.

As for this performance target, Liu Jun admitted is very challenging, but it is very possible. He said there are about forty million sets of one hundred million devices are PCs, and as PC products have deformed evolutionally, Lenovo will further expand the market share.

Market research firm Canalys published the intelligent terminal market of the first quarter of 2013, with quarterly 15.3 million shipments; Lenovo is ranked third in the world, next to Samsung and Apple. Liu Jun didn’t want to comment on this number, but emphasized the company’s shipments in the first quarter conforms to the plans.

Just like the radio displaces the newspaper, the TV displaces the radio; the computer tends to gradually displace the TV. People around the world prone to use the computer for entertainment, working and life. So people in industry of PC producing are nowadays trying to optimize computer so that it will be more convenient for people and more useful for life. Therefore, PC will be not only a tool to communication, work, entertainment, etc., it will penetrate into the whole society and life of human beings. We will open ourselves to the world through PC, and let others in the world know more about not only you yourself but also the environment around you, your relatives and friends and every detail of you. When you enjoy the world PC bring about for you, you should be aware of the potential threats the open world bring back to you.

As most people will store their private and confidential information in their PC and always they lack the awareness of data security for they think PC is safe enough. In fact, data and information will easily be lost and stolen when they are stored in computer without any protection. In order to prevent data from hackers and malware, you should apply a type of file encryption software to encrypt your files/folders so that they will not be breached by unauthorized access even though someone else enter your PC. Locking files will be helpful for you to avoid financial and reputational loss caused by data leakage

Mar 15

Samsung Galaxy S4 Finally Comes out and Within Reach of People

For years, in the market of smartphone, Apple and Samsung have been competing with each other for the market share. Ever since the release of Galaxy S3, Samsung has made Android phone more adorable than any other phone could. On March 15, 2013, Radio City Hall was filled with people, at the same time at the heart of New York City in Times Square an even larger crowd waiting there. At the beginning of the release conference, a piece of video which is about the company’s Unpacked Event campaign, and people are wondering about what it is in the little boy’s box.

Samsung made a perfect secret keeping job before the real release of Galaxy S4, so that it left much more space for all kinds of guesses and rumors and made it the most awaited phone of Samsung. Recently, with the popularity of all kinds of smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, people enjoy more freedom in data on the removable devices, while USB security issues or folder protection case becomes more and more important at the same time.

Finally, when the box was opened and all guesses and anticipated come into the eye of all people. It is proved that Samsung S4 deserves a highly praise whit its strong and powerful hardware and featured new features. It sports a larger 5-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display and come with a much smaller bezel, has 441 ppi. Other specs include a 13MP rear-facing camera and 2MP for front camera, 2600mh battery and thinner body.

Apart for the improved hardware, the highlighted features of S4 lie in the brand new updated user experience. Sound Shot, Drama Shot, Eraser, Air Views, S Translate, Adapt Display, Story Album, Home Sync, S Voice Drive, Smart Switch, Group Play, Air Gesture and other special features make Galaxy S4 a perfect smartphone also brings people more convenience in use.  There are more chance for people to access the digital files on phone or computer, which also pose your files and folders to dangers and risks of data leakage, therefore, you need to lock files on your smartphone or PC.

Also, some people think that S4 is much like the previous S3 in appearance. There are a large amount of people talking about the disappointment about the new Samsung phone. But there are still space for improvement. We cannot deny that the development of technology keeps presenting surprise and changes to people’s life, from the original computers, phones to the recent advanced software and apps, such as USB flash drive copy protection application. Maybe this time you are not so satisfied with a single technology, more or less time will tell you about the reality. We can just anticipate for the next new product or new invention to enter our life.

Mar 13

How to deal with password leakage and breach in the current world?

The revealing of one of the Weird’s reporter’s most precious password was hacked by complex social exploits and t soon arouse people’s attention for the possibility of breach of their password for important accounts. Passwords are confidential personal information needs people’s special attention and it equals the urgency of USB security and folder encryption for files with valuable data on USB drive disks or a computer.

In June of 2012, hackers breached 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords and revealed them on a website, which surprised the ordinary users and made people realized that some sites that they usually visit with simple password may pose their information in danger. Some people also think that some sites should take higher level of security protection for their account and data. Although people find many problems about the current password and authentication system, there is no a better one can replace it in the current platform of Internet.

It is said that Google is working on find a substitution for password may be a USB device or a piece of jewelry. Till now this is just a concept that hasn’t turned into reality, so we cannot count on this completely new technology to save us out of the trouble now. Some people with confidential information or files still use password to protect folder on their computer or secure USB drive with USB security applications, but for these protecting methods, passwords is a must.  

There is still a little hope for ordinary people to fight with hackers and other cyber- criminals on the Internet and prevent them from getting your account and password easily. That is people need to make their password stronger, for example choose both numbers and characters and a proper length for your password, or abandon specific words or names in the password will increase the security strength more or less.  

There are more things to do if you want to password protect USB drive or other important files. For all people live in the digital world, they encounter passwords in all webs and social networking sites. Hackers may aim at the weak password, but the root of the problem is people attention and minding of the password as well as the information. As long as people concentrate and care about their password they can protect their data better.

Mar 04

IT Security Problems Come from Internal Professionals

There are so many kinds of security dangers that threat the operation and protection of confidential information in a company or the enterprise. Hackers and phishers are not rare on the internet anymore and they plan attacks on website and servers all around the world. From time to time, USB security issue, leakage of personal information and other data breach from computer system of the company is worrying and drawing more attention from the public.

People who are very familiar with the inside operation and mechanism of a business is the biggest potential of data leakage and insider cracker for the whole company. Today, more and more people depend on online transaction and data exchange, which requires online account information very often for the whole business. And once these data fallen into the wrong hand, the coming consequence or loss is irrevocable.

Online privacy now is a vital concern for all people who use computer and rely on Internet to fulfill the need of data exchange. It is common that when people store some of the important files and folders on computer and usually they lock file and folder up to prevent the potential data breach and data leakage. While, this protective measure will not go for the business which contains many independent users.

The increasing number of identity theft posses more need and urgency for data protection for the data management of company. While, one thing for sure is that, the crime rate related to data protection inside the business gradually has a tendency of growing in recent years. The online world seems free and flexible, while there are also traps or even threats that hinder the integrity of people’s privacy, such as some targeted content or advertisement. For a browser, the inside plug-ins can track all activities of the user and send you ads and spam according to the account information and your surfing record.

It is reported that most of the data leakage related to personal information are come from the inside of the business or institution. Therefore, the situation is more serious for security professionals than normal attacks from online hackers and malware. In order to protect privacy and personal information from illegal breach and malicious attempt, people have to pay close attention on USB copy protection and file protection on computer or any other device.

There is no doubt that some big enterprises are gradually collecting information about their customers, in the online world, dangers and threats can be found everywhere. Most people haven’t realized the problem or they just have no choice to become the current situation for the Internet world.

Feb 25

Google Chromebook Pixel: Amazing Product With HD Touch Screen

Ever since the release of Google Chromebook Pixel, it has become a focus for people from all walks of life. As a stunning computer, Chromebook Pixel has solid and powerful hardware and comparing to MacBook it is also neat in appearance and strong in performance. As the major competitor for Apple MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel was expected by lots of people before it’s released although Chromebook have been a simplicity-focused react to Windows computers. There is a tendency that Chromebooks should have dead because they are netbooks with lower cost.

The fact is that this type of PC has less starting times and more secure protection for files and data in the hard drive especially for people wants to lock files and important information. The Pixel is capable to impact MacBook with its two strong points that the latter do not have: HD touch screen (2560*1700 pixels) and application of 4G technology. While, Pixel has the attractions in function may not win back customers’ hart on the condition of the starting selling price of $1,299 which is apparently not so competitive.

The high-resolution display is an interesting element of the Pixel, while currently majority of the web was not made for it. And touch screen is also not a necessity for most PC users, but it can help to lead the whole world of computer into a new world where touch screen and HD display are the mainstreams. The progress for all technologies is hard to predict but people can experience it through constant trying, just like people find the way to lock USB drive disk and other files on computer to ensure data security, which is hard to image at the beginning of invention of USB flash drive.

Google Chromebook Pixel features a 12.85-inch display (2560*1700 pixels) with 239 pixels per inch which is the highest among all laptops in the market, according to Google. An Intelsat Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB solid state drive and 1 TB free cloud storage for 3 years which is rather attracting. But you will find that this machine which has all advantages of laptops is just a Web browser which is named Google OS.

Maybe this is just an exploration for its expansion of Google’s kingdom and a try for the future retail and marketing. The evolution of the technology world is also full of such explorations, and it is hard to tell too soon about the recent development of a single product.

Jan 22

Google May Abandon Password in the Future with Jewelry Replacing it

It is reported that an engineer from Google explained to international famous magazine Security and privacy that they think they’ve find the solution to annoying problem of forgetting or losing passwords. This engineer will explain explicitly about the reason about why they abandon the physical password, instead they choose a piece of jewelry, saying a ring for the future authentication tool.

In the modern days, as passwords becoming longer and longer and they are hard for ordinary people to memorize and faced with threats to get stolen. All of these problems have annoyed people from all around the world in using password protection or USB encryption method to secure their data and files on computer or other kind of storage devices. Google engineers write that the current security system and authentication system are insufficient to need people’s need of data security, partly due to the constant threats that exploit new bugs, what’s more, they say that simple token tools like passwords and coolies files are not secure enough anymore with the development of hacking techniques.

Google also emphasizes threats of phishing, in which hackers cheat on account owners by revealing sensitive information enter into a fake account log-in window, as one of the biggest security threats of today’s Internet data leakage and data breach.

Out of the purpose for more secure measures for information protection, Google designed a brand new system of authentication which allows users to log in a website quickly with the help of a mini USB disk. Using this method users are not required to install any software, although users may need to use browser which is required, according to Google. Comparing to folder encryption in the recent days, the registration and authentication protocols would be open and free, and this specially made USB device you can finish the authentication easily.

Of course, Google wish to find a simple plan for registration process, and it final target is to insert the security token into a ring or a smart phone at least. As long as people can keep their ring or the other carriers, they can make sure data security of their sensitive information.

It is said that Google now are testing YubiKey encryption card, which is much like a minimized USB disk. And in the future abandoning the current password is not very far away. Of course, all new technology need to experience thousands of testing before it really enter into the market and for sure it will crash the existing USB copy protection and folder protection method. Let’s just anticipate new technology will improve the authentication system and bring us more convenience in the future.