Mar 04

IT Security Problems Come from Internal Professionals

There are so many kinds of security dangers that threat the operation and protection of confidential information in a company or the enterprise. Hackers and phishers are not rare on the internet anymore and they plan attacks on website and servers all around the world. From time to time, USB security issue, leakage of personal information and other data breach from computer system of the company is worrying and drawing more attention from the public.

People who are very familiar with the inside operation and mechanism of a business is the biggest potential of data leakage and insider cracker for the whole company. Today, more and more people depend on online transaction and data exchange, which requires online account information very often for the whole business. And once these data fallen into the wrong hand, the coming consequence or loss is irrevocable.

Online privacy now is a vital concern for all people who use computer and rely on Internet to fulfill the need of data exchange. It is common that when people store some of the important files and folders on computer and usually they lock file and folder up to prevent the potential data breach and data leakage. While, this protective measure will not go for the business which contains many independent users.

The increasing number of identity theft posses more need and urgency for data protection for the data management of company. While, one thing for sure is that, the crime rate related to data protection inside the business gradually has a tendency of growing in recent years. The online world seems free and flexible, while there are also traps or even threats that hinder the integrity of people’s privacy, such as some targeted content or advertisement. For a browser, the inside plug-ins can track all activities of the user and send you ads and spam according to the account information and your surfing record.

It is reported that most of the data leakage related to personal information are come from the inside of the business or institution. Therefore, the situation is more serious for security professionals than normal attacks from online hackers and malware. In order to protect privacy and personal information from illegal breach and malicious attempt, people have to pay close attention on USB copy protection and file protection on computer or any other device.

There is no doubt that some big enterprises are gradually collecting information about their customers, in the online world, dangers and threats can be found everywhere. Most people haven’t realized the problem or they just have no choice to become the current situation for the Internet world.

Jan 25

Privacy Leakage are Serious in Bank, Tenement and Telecom Area in Hong Kong

It is reported that according to Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong with more and more residents attach more importance to privacy protection, these years the office has experienced a rising number of citizens who make queries to them. Last year alone, they received a total number of 19053 queries, which increased for 2 per cent. These complaints mainly involved in some private institutions, which refer to bank, tenement and telecom companies.

The fact is that, people now value their privacy more than they ever had before, that is not hard to tell from the number of people who using file and folder encryption and other data security software to safeguard their online and offline activities.

Last year the Office has received 1213 complaints, decreased about 18%, comparing to the former year (2011) which is 1486. Among all the complaints, the public or governmental organizations occupy about 1%, and the field that received the most complaints are police, housing, medical care and social welfare areas. There are about 50 privacy leakage relate to the government sectors incidences which more or less surprise the public.

About students in school, they often use USB drive disk to store files and studying materials, so that they value USB security very much, while how about the protection of personal information they put online. The fact is that, opening the searching site in Hong Kong, anyone can view and get information about students. According to the Office, these information include name, student number, their parents’ phone number and e-mail are put on the net by 11 education organizations, which will result in illegal use of the data by criminals.

Nowadays, data breach and data leakage of personal files are rampant, so it is urgent to take measures to protect private data. The worrying fact is that, the Office just revealed a very small part of the real situation. The privacy leakage affairs not only exist in the educational organizations, it goes for the commercial areas as well, although it is not so much obvious as the former one.

People can use some precaution method to prevent data losing and information leakage. First of all, when surfing the Internet, do not leave your private information in distrustful sites, and be alert about phishing webs. Next, you can password protect shared folder on the sharing network or LAN. Also do not forget strong anti-virus software and firewall, they are able to offer you a basic safe environment when you use the computer.   


Jul 15

How to Password Protect Shared Folder on Lan and Network?

The post is going to show my opinion of the following two topics:
1. What will users care when sharing folders on Network(both Lan and internet)?
2. What is the best software for protecting shared folders on Lan and Network?

Topic 1. What will users care when sharing folder and files on Lan/Network?

The first thing users may care is how to block unauthorized access to their shared folder and files. They might want to share their documents with one or several certain people, for example, members in their same work project. But they don’t allow others to access the shared files.

The second thing is, how to assign different access permissions to those who are allow to access the shared folder. For example, in the same work project, the leader can read, copy, modify the shared file while others can only read.

Topic 2. What is the best software to protect shared folder and files on Network?

Before this topic, I’d like to talk something about encryption algorithm. I think this concept is not strange to all PC users, never mind you are a expert or general home user. You can learn more definitions about this concept from Wikipedia. The most advanced and popular encryption algorithm used by programmers is AES. It is widely used in password protecting folders, files, office documents, USB drives, hard drives etc. With this type of encryption algorithm, it is hardly to decrypt the protected data by hackers or common people.

Now, users may notice that the best software to protect shared folder and files on Network should at least use the AES technique. There are a few good company that are using it such as KakaSoft (all its encryption tools are using AES). If you are looking for a password protection program to encrypt your USB flash drives, local hard drive and data, there are also other good companies for you to choose. But, if you wonder a reliable tool to password protect shared folder and files on network, Kaka Password Shared Folder may be the only choice. You can rarely find another program on internet that are focusing on this field, not any other.

With Kaka Password Shared Folder, you can protect your shared files and folders with passwords. Users can’t access your shard data at all without the password you assign. Even if they get a password of read the shared document, they might not be able to copy, modify, delete, print or do any more on it since they don’t have that kind of permissions. Yes, with Kaka Password Shared Folder, you can assign permissions to different user and groups. So, why not get a free download and try this awesome item? Learn more about Kaka Password Shared Folder …

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