Apr 22

A Ban is Not a Proper Solution to USB Leakage

Since April, 2011, Wikileaks has published hundreds of thousands of military documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After a investigation by U.S. military, the leakage of these files are caused by the leakage of USB flash disk of former U.S. intelligence analyst in Iraq.

According to CNN reported on Dec.13, 2011, since there was no better leak prevention techniques, the commander of U.S. air force network division, Richard webb major general would publish network control orders that the army should be forbidden to use USB removable storage media ,offenders would be court-martialed. It’s reported the other services also received a similar command, it’s also said that this action the army took aimed at preventing the recurrence of military secrets by websites such as Wikileaks. In fact, as early as the end of 2008, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the U.S. had banned removable storage media, as the ban had brought a lot of troubles to the military data transmission, in February 2010, the ban was canceled, then resulting in a lot of confidential documents by Wikileaks, in this situation, American army had to ordered the army to ban the use of portable storage media once again.

In information age, removable storage devices have become an indispensable part of people’s life.USB flash devices, as one of the most convenient storage tools, have played an important role in people’s life, study and work. Perhaps it’s the excessive dependence that makes USB flash devices a way of data leakage. However, the action of forbidding the use of USB flash devices, alone, is not enough.

As for how to solve the problem of data leakage, we should change the thinking way. Since USB devices have become our necessities, that what we should do is how to use anti-leakage technology to prevent the problem happening, rather than banning the use of USB devices to block the way of transmission of information. That’s to say, what we shall consider is how to use USB flash drive encryption to protect USB disk security.

Nowadays, many people have been aware of the problem of data leakage, and some solutions have accordingly come into being to tackle it, such as USB security software.

U.S. army told us that the information security should avoid the misunderstanding of heavy technology, light management, and build a solid defensive line by strengthening the management of information security on the basis of necessary technical measures. In addition, notice to enhance education of information security for personnel to improve the awareness of information security.