Mar 15

Samsung Galaxy S4 Finally Comes out and Within Reach of People

For years, in the market of smartphone, Apple and Samsung have been competing with each other for the market share. Ever since the release of Galaxy S3, Samsung has made Android phone more adorable than any other phone could. On March 15, 2013, Radio City Hall was filled with people, at the same time at the heart of New York City in Times Square an even larger crowd waiting there. At the beginning of the release conference, a piece of video which is about the company’s Unpacked Event campaign, and people are wondering about what it is in the little boy’s box.

Samsung made a perfect secret keeping job before the real release of Galaxy S4, so that it left much more space for all kinds of guesses and rumors and made it the most awaited phone of Samsung. Recently, with the popularity of all kinds of smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, people enjoy more freedom in data on the removable devices, while USB security issues or folder protection case becomes more and more important at the same time.

Finally, when the box was opened and all guesses and anticipated come into the eye of all people. It is proved that Samsung S4 deserves a highly praise whit its strong and powerful hardware and featured new features. It sports a larger 5-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display and come with a much smaller bezel, has 441 ppi. Other specs include a 13MP rear-facing camera and 2MP for front camera, 2600mh battery and thinner body.

Apart for the improved hardware, the highlighted features of S4 lie in the brand new updated user experience. Sound Shot, Drama Shot, Eraser, Air Views, S Translate, Adapt Display, Story Album, Home Sync, S Voice Drive, Smart Switch, Group Play, Air Gesture and other special features make Galaxy S4 a perfect smartphone also brings people more convenience in use.  There are more chance for people to access the digital files on phone or computer, which also pose your files and folders to dangers and risks of data leakage, therefore, you need to lock files on your smartphone or PC.

Also, some people think that S4 is much like the previous S3 in appearance. There are a large amount of people talking about the disappointment about the new Samsung phone. But there are still space for improvement. We cannot deny that the development of technology keeps presenting surprise and changes to people’s life, from the original computers, phones to the recent advanced software and apps, such as USB flash drive copy protection application. Maybe this time you are not so satisfied with a single technology, more or less time will tell you about the reality. We can just anticipate for the next new product or new invention to enter our life.

Mar 04

IT Security Problems Come from Internal Professionals

There are so many kinds of security dangers that threat the operation and protection of confidential information in a company or the enterprise. Hackers and phishers are not rare on the internet anymore and they plan attacks on website and servers all around the world. From time to time, USB security issue, leakage of personal information and other data breach from computer system of the company is worrying and drawing more attention from the public.

People who are very familiar with the inside operation and mechanism of a business is the biggest potential of data leakage and insider cracker for the whole company. Today, more and more people depend on online transaction and data exchange, which requires online account information very often for the whole business. And once these data fallen into the wrong hand, the coming consequence or loss is irrevocable.

Online privacy now is a vital concern for all people who use computer and rely on Internet to fulfill the need of data exchange. It is common that when people store some of the important files and folders on computer and usually they lock file and folder up to prevent the potential data breach and data leakage. While, this protective measure will not go for the business which contains many independent users.

The increasing number of identity theft posses more need and urgency for data protection for the data management of company. While, one thing for sure is that, the crime rate related to data protection inside the business gradually has a tendency of growing in recent years. The online world seems free and flexible, while there are also traps or even threats that hinder the integrity of people’s privacy, such as some targeted content or advertisement. For a browser, the inside plug-ins can track all activities of the user and send you ads and spam according to the account information and your surfing record.

It is reported that most of the data leakage related to personal information are come from the inside of the business or institution. Therefore, the situation is more serious for security professionals than normal attacks from online hackers and malware. In order to protect privacy and personal information from illegal breach and malicious attempt, people have to pay close attention on USB copy protection and file protection on computer or any other device.

There is no doubt that some big enterprises are gradually collecting information about their customers, in the online world, dangers and threats can be found everywhere. Most people haven’t realized the problem or they just have no choice to become the current situation for the Internet world.

Feb 22

Identity Fraud Poses a Growing Threat to People’s Work and Private Life

According to a recent report that people in US are experiencing a continuous rising number of identity fraud in the last three years, which indicates that about 5 percent adults in America are affected by identity fraud. Comparing to the figure in the last three years, researchers find that in 2012 the number of identity fraud has risen by about 0.9 percent and stays at the highest level.

People in the modern society are suffering from all kinds of dangers that may result in the leakage of their personal information and important data as the related crime on both the Internet and the real world is rampant. From digital data protection on portable USB drive disks to data security issue for real paper documents, people lock USB disks and keep their files in safe place, however, the effect is barely satisfactory.

When it comes to the losses of identity Fraud, the victims are not the one who suffered the most, and it was proved that the bank, businesses and merchants absorbed a considerable amount of identity fraud. When criminals get people’s identity information they may apply for new account of credit cards, which harm the identity owner’s credit record and cause loss for financial institution as well.

Data breach from any area is an annoying enough matter for anyone. Let’s just take data breach from computer for example, people may store some highly confidential files or pictures on the computer, and when they are flown into the wrong hand the consequence would be terrible. A very possible source of identity theft is from Social Security members, which is a vital factor for opening a new account.  

Financial damages come from identity fraud are obvious in the sector of aging system when financial organizations exchange details of deposits and other cash transfer made by enterprises and individuals.

Data protection is becoming more and more important as increasing number of data leakage and data breach cases walk out on the show, therefore, folder encryption on computer or copy protect USB with valuable files which are rather important. Once your identity details for into the wrong hand you may become the target of criminals. For social service institutions it is very necessary to build more security information management system to protect citizens’ identity information and prevent identity theft from happening. For individual people, when they need to pose their information on the Internet they need to think twice and be cautious.