Aug 05

Several Details for Enterprise Security That Should Not Be Overlooked

We can’t put too much emphasize on enterprise network security and information security, because when you read this article, in the world, many companies are experiencing incidents huge economic losses or some even close down because of information leakage. This article hereby summarizes several protect information security have to pay attention to details, I hope you gain much after reading this article and become experts in information protection.


First of all, printer / fax machine is indispensable business office equipment. Printer / fax machine can bring convenience to the enterprise, but also can cause a fatal blow to the enterprise – the delay of printer / fax machine may cause confidential information leakage.


In a company, there is always the replacement of old and new employees. As a new employee, if he/she can browse resigned employee’s computer, and it is certainly of great benefit in understanding the new company. Such as the company’s customer records, rewards and penalties regulations, payroll, and even the important data which can only be known by specific individuals can also be seen. As business executive, network management, make sure whether there is any information that should not be known by new employees in the computer before turning over it to the new employees.


In addition, file sharing can greatly increase the efficiency for the staff. But someone will always carelessly disclose important information to each other when sharing files. Sometimes someone even snoop into the shared information. In order to avoid irrelevant people from peeping at the shared folder on the LAN, you can password protect the shared folder and then configure the relevant access permissions to specific people.


E-mail is a transit point for employees to steal information. The way of transferring company information by e-mail to steal company information accounts for 80% of information theft. Many companies do not install floppy, CD-ROM drive, USB port, but still cannot prevent employees stealing information by e-mail. Fortunately, there is a variety of e-mail monitoring software that can assist enterprise executive to monitor employees to send and receive e-mail. Therefore, in order to protect information security, and motivate employees to properly use e-mail, corporate should deploy e-mail monitoring software.


The data corrected by new employees in the first week is usually five times as many as which at the ordinary time. In this week, he/she can leave at anytime; he may crazily copy and transmit company’s data if he wanna steal these data for illegal purposes.

Jul 29

Automobile is Unsafe: the U.S. Hackers Will Publish Intrusion Method This Week

Two U.S. security researchers will announce the methods of network intrusion of the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape at Def Con hacker conference announced this week, hoping to attract more researchers to participate in the relevant projects.


Car hacking is not a new field, but the information has been kept secret to the outside. However, this situation may change, as Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, these two well-known hacker said that they will release a detailed roadmap to facilitate outside to learn how to intrude Toyota Prius and Ford Escape critical systems through 100 pages of white paper.


Miller and Valasek are “white hat” hackers; their main purpose is to disclose the vulnerabilities before criminals make use of them. They will also release the software which can be used in this week’s Las Vegas Def Con hacker conference released for invasion of these two models of the software.


They said it has developed a number of ways to force the Toyota Prius to brake when it is in the speed of 80 miles (about 128 km), plays the steering wheel or the engine suddenly accelerates.


As the intelligence director of the security consulting firm, IOActive, Valasek is known to the public because he found out many loopholes of the Windows operating system. He referred to the two holes and said: “Think about it: If you are approaching to the crowd, what will happen.”


But the reality may be not so horrible as it sounds.


To exploit these vulnerabilities, these two researchers will be sitting in the car to directly connect to the network of car with a laptop computer. Therefore, the information they published won’t be used in remotely network intrusion, and this is major attacking method in the real world.


They hope their data to be released to encourage other white hat hackers continue to look for more car security vulnerabilities, and then fix them.


From the report above, we can realize how unsecure the electronic control is. Even though the electronic control can enhance the traffic safety and efficiency, it also brings about more challenges. Hackers will break in any computer as long as they master relevant skills. For almost all individuals and groups, one of the most important things is data and information, which can be considered as great fortune to people. So, try to password protect folder contained important and confidential data and information with encryption solution, and then you can add one more protection for your fortune. When you lock folder/file in your computer, you can be at ease even though hackers or malware intrude your computer.

Jul 22

Apple: Developer Center Downtime Results From Hacker Attacks

In July 22, Apple has just released a statement, explaining the Developer Center downtime events since last Thursday. The company said that its security system is compromised, the intruder may have stolen some of the developer’s name, mailing address and e-mail addresses and other personal information, but the user information is not stolen.


Apple is hoping to notice developers who may be affected. In addition, due to the intrusion event, Apple also decided to completely revised developer system, including updating the server software, and rebuilding the database and so on. This could also explain why the downtime lasted four days.


Apple expects the developer website will soon recover. The company’s statement reads as follows:


“Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed; however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around clock since then.


In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.”


Apple’s subsequent verify to the IT website Macworld that the incident did not result in any disclosure of user information. The company spokesman said that all user information is securely encrypted; the intruder couldn’t come into contact with the application code or message server storage applications. But the company declined to reveal whether the government agencies are investigating this issue.


For every company or group, the company secrets or the confidential data and information are the most important fortune for them, so almost all companies or enterprises are focusing on data security, they choose to encrypt folders contained confidential and important data and information. Therefore, the data cannot be breached even though the computer is broken in by hackers or other malware or virus, for the folder is protected by the encryption resolution so nobody can access to it without correct password. Locking shared folder and configure different access permissions to different people can effectively protect shared data on the LAN.

Jul 08

Analyze American New Thinking of Information Network Security Through the “Prism”

“Information is power, but, like all other kinds of power, someone wish to take this power for their own.” This is the warning from famous American hacker Aron Swartz who left it home before committing suicide warning five months ago.


Internet originated in the United States, the current terminal server still lies in its hands. But the United States has always liked to play as the victim of cyber world, Snowden, such a nobody, exposed scandals, “prism” monitoring event really showed the “American” hypocrisy. From the Bush era, the U.S. intelligence agencies have processed to data mining work in nine U.S. Internet companies, including the audio, video, pictures, e-mail, documents, and personal connection information contact analysis and action. There are ten types of monitor categories: information and e-mail, instant messaging, video, photos, store data, voice chat, file transfer, video conferencing, login time, the details of social network data, including two secret surveillance program, the one is monitoring, monitoring public telephone call records, the other is to monitor public network activity. Former CIA officers, Edward Snowden revealed government crimes of violation of user privacy, causing panic in the world, and even U.S. allies have been accused of this.


Internet popularity provides information dissemination with the cheapest and most effective means, which also offer a unique tool to spread American values, affect the political situation in some countries. For all this, in the past few years, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been working hard to promote their political idea of “Internet freedom”, hoping to promote a set of values and political ideas that U.S. government insisted on to the Middle East and some countries that are not friendly to it with the help of cyberspace which is completely under the control of the U.S..


The U.S. government and the military issued a series of documents and assessment report about information network security in recent decade. In these policy documents, there has been a lot of discussion about network security strategy and tactics which puts forward some new concepts, develops new idea about information network security. There is one tip in these new ideas- cyberspace blurs the boundary between militarization and civilian applications, and cyber warfare becomes an important direction of future military transformation.


From this, we can say these tactics is a two-sided sword which will invade personal privacy and threaten the legitimacy of “Internet freedom”. As the general citizen, we should know that our data and information in our own computer is not that safe at all, we should consider applying more secure method to protect the information in our computer. Encrypting the folder contained confidential data will decrease the threat from attacks of hackers or malware. You should protect your data with folder locker, so the encrypted folder will not be accessed by unauthorized users.

May 13

Count Ten Brands of Storage Devices

Not long ago, storage appliance was still a new concept. Now, there are hundreds of storage appliance products in market. According to Gartern’s statistics, the only market of backup devices will achieve 19% yearly growth before 2016.

And then I will introduce ten types of storage devices below.

Data Domain DD160

EMC Data Domain sells various data de-duplication devices. Data Domain DD160 is the entry-level product which can meet customers’ need of data protection on a unified platform. It supports most back-up and archival applications and it integrates with EMC Avamar and EMC Networker. Increasing another remote DD160 will provide your disaster recovery with remote copy function based on the Internet.


Evault provides EVault Plug-n-Protect Appliance and EVault Express Recovery Appliance series back-up and recovery products. They contain default hardware, store and software, which is designed for data protection of cloud connection. EVault Plug-n-Protect has the cloud copy function, while EVault Express Recovery Appliance is able to speed up data recovery by keeping local data cache for data backup.

The price of EVault Plug-n-Protect is between $17,995 to $10,995.

Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance

It is based on Cisco Integrated Service Router Generation 2 and is equipped with Asigra software under private, public and composite backup environment. This equipment will enable users to protect all company data on local LAN or backup all the data to data center of ISP.


The quotation of Asigra Cloud Connector starts at $2695.

Astute ViSX

Astute ViSX series are based on Performance Storage Appliancesof SSD. It offers storage I/O speedup, this function will be applied to the existing storage system. It start at $32,000


Grid from Gridstore enables you to increase storage block based on requirement. It virtualizes storage stack and distribute it in a grid based on network. It can also optimize workload by virtual controller. These controllers can well adjust every I/O requirement of virtualized or non-virtualized workload.


HP StoreOnce 2600

HP StoreOnce Backup provices joint data de-duplication function, which is available in small branch offices as well as large DR recovery site. This product contains several series, in which 2000 series is entry-level product. The quotation of StoreOnce 2600 starts at $10,000.

Avere FXT 3800

Avere FXT 3800 is a compound edge file system device. It can automatically have layers in memory, SSD, SAS and SATA. Data block will be distributed based on data active level. It can be clustered into other FXT Edge file system device, and be extended up to 50 node. It starts at $112,500.

 Sepaton S2100-ES3

With configuration of version 7.0 software, Sepaton S2100-ES3 Backup and Recovery Appliance PBBA contains 8Gb/sec fiber channel、1Gb/s Ethernet and 10Gb/s Ethernet connections. It can absorb data with speed of 80TB/h. It is configured with calendar data storage array, which can encrypt data during idle time and de-duplication. The price of it starts at $355,000, and the encryption of it needs individual authorities.

Pivot3 HC-3 Healthcare Validated VDI

Combined with VMware、Teradici、Samsung and Imprivata, Pivot3 provides medical sevice providers with VDI based on equipment. It integrates all storage and sever hardware, desktop virtualization software, license management software and endpoints in device mode. Every Pivot3 VDI device supports up to 125 desktop.

Silver Peak Virtual Appliance.

Silver Peak VRX-2、VRX-4 and VRX-8virtual devices provide data acceleration function to speed up the process of copy. They adopt Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture of Silver Peak to solve the problems of WAN and quality. This software runs on the standard virtual machine manager which includes VMware、 vSphere、MS、Hyper-V、Citrix XenServer and KVM。

The price of entry-level product, VRX-2 with the configuration of 60GB/h and remote copy function, is $2,764 per year.


With rapid development of storage devices, we should also pay more attention and efforts to file encryption to protect the important or even confidential data and information from stealing and breaching.

May 06

Google Glass Is Coming

Google glasses are coming into being! Wearable device, visual search, smart assistant, all of these concepts is abstract for ordinary people. We are still confused and wonder that what on earth can we do wearing Google glasses?


Google glasses has been known weigh 5 ounces which is more than 150 grams, while weight of normal spectacles frames are generally not more than 30 grams, and the lightest is only 8-9 grams. The weight of overall glasses are generally less than 100 grams, the lightest is less than 30 grams. Theoretically, the optimization of Google glasses weight won’t be less than normal glasses, for apart from glasses, there are several components such as chip and camera, etc.


Google glasses are completely integrated with Google server. As for the third-part application  developers, they can only utilize Mirror API for development. If you were Twitter, you can create a card which can be launched through voice recognition function to tweet a new card. However, all the data and information must be tweeted to Google server by Twitter first, and then Google will tweet them to Google glasses. Of course, when you enjoy the fun brought by Google Glass, what you should take notice every moment that your information and data are at risks of being stolen and missing. Password protect files stored in your portable devices.


This is a flexible and firmly controlled system by which you can tweet anything into your glasses card, such as a website or an IOS application. On the other side, Google thoroughly control every service to directly communicate with glass system. For example, there is no way to close the share system of glass, you don’t have systematic sharing method. On the one side, this way will enable Google to firmly control glasses applications. On the other side, this can ensure the system won’t use too much power owing to applications.


Nowadays, Google concentrates on making Mirror API and sharing system more effective, and the developers will gain ADB permissions as using Android.


For the time being, Google Glass is a smart phone companion, basic communication, input and output, etc. are still rely on smart phone. Google Glass, it along with cell phone makes our live richer. If Google Glass develops gradually to tackle the problems such as input and output, it will be a competitor against cell phone. At this stage, Google Glass and cell phone are in coordination. Google Glass will force cell phone to produce more applications to assist it, such as My Glass. For cell phone, it can also utilize the functions of Google Glass such as camera feature, interaction between visual search and eyes dominate, etc. which are portable and unique to innovate new applications for it.


Google Glass show us a new era where human beings make a further development between ideal and reality. The appearance of Google Glass makes more opportunities to connect people all around the world. You can express yourself as well as learn others with it.

Dec 04

Windows XP and Windows 8 take less Than 40% and 1% of Web usage respectively

It is reported that according to the recently released report which is about the statistics of November of Net Applications, Windows 7 rank the first place as 44.71% of the market share, the second is Windows XP with 39.82% which decreases 0.84%, and OS X increases 0.14% to 7.3% take the third place. While the newly released Windows 8 system only takes 1.09% of the total volume with a rising of 0.68% which is totally in accordance with expectation and brings no surprise to us.

Although the market share which Windows 8 takes does not startle most readers, among those users less than half of then choose to use the default Explorer of IE 10, and most of them use Chrome, Firefox and other Explorers.  

As long as people concern with the usage of operation systems they use on their computer, there is another issue relate to the protection of computer that worries people from different areas: file and folder encryption on PC. No matter what kind of operation system you use you are facing the same problem which is to safeguard your confidential data and stop illegal use of them.

Windows XP is one of the most popular products released in 2001 by Microsoft and it makes great contribution to the success of Microsoft. In Windows XP, “XP” refers to experience and it contains version of Home Edition, Professional, 64-Bit Edition and so on. As though Windows 7 is also weigh a lot on the PC user, it does have a historical meaning as Windows XP. What’s more, Windows 8 is a revolutionary attempt of operation system, but it is too soon to predict its taking off.

On the field of data protection all Windows systems do well in hiding folders and files on the drive disk, however for people with higher standard it is not enough. Individuals can find ways to lock file or folder with a third-party program so that you will never worry about your confidential files on Windows system being breached or stolen by bad guys.

Nov 21

Smart phone with which operation system can catch your eyes?

There is a sea of smart phones at your choice as so many mobile phone vendors release different smart phones from time to time. Smart phone now takes an important part in people’s daily life and business life with its splendid features of portability and all kinds of apps. When picking a smart phone you should take many factors into consideration such as hardware, operation system as well as the price.

When referring to hardware, the processor and storage weigh a lot. Processors all have been updated recently days with a better function of process data and storage of phone have been expanded to a large extent. With more and more data stored in a memory card of smart phone you’d better lock files in your card.

Apple, Google and Microsoft each has its own mobile operating systems and ecosystems — iOS, Android and Windows Phone, respectively — and they’ve been updated constantly. This three operation systems are now three giants in the phone operation system field. Here are some features of each of them.

The Android is now the most widely used in the smart phone world ever since its invention in 2008. You can place icons for your favorite apps anywhere on one of the multiple home screens, and then tap an icon to launch that app. On Android phones, apps, games and content such as movies and music are sold in one unified marketplace, the Google Play store. Android has open source which allow many manufacturers to apply and modify it to its own hardware. What’s more the latest Android 4.2 is applied on Nexus 4. One of the most popular Android is Samsung galaxy SIII and it will release a new version named La Fleur exclusively for female users.   

Apple’s iOS operating system powers iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch. It’s is the second top-selling smart phone operating system; 14% of all smartp hones sold worldwide in the last quarter were running iOS. Comparing with Android, iOS takes a small market share while it is still influential. Apps must be purchased in the official Apple App Store, which currently has more than 700,000 apps and games in stock. iOS 6is the latest version and applied in Apple phone products. With its special and unique features saying camera’s panorama mode and Siri  iOS is attractive and appealing.

The third one is Windows Phone 8, this is an OS developed by Microsoft and about 2% of the phones in the world were equipped with this OS. While this is a potential OS with splendid features and it is possible to display personalized information on the lock screen, such as your most recent calendar event, e-mail, text message or missed phone call. This OS interface is a good combination of entertainment and utility and people can easily sort files and find the specific data they need soon. Lumia 920 plans to be released in the coming month and this is a smart phone launched by Nokia which has arouse much attention.    

When choosing a smart phone you should be cautious about picking the right software and hardware. These three OSs are the most quoted buzzword in the mobile phone world. As a portable storage device and USB flash drive mobile phone also needs data protection. Ensuring data security in the memory card of phone you can password protect usb and block illegal access to your data and files.